Monday, January 09, 2006

Thanks Peter

Peter says I can use the picture of his shadow in my profile. He also said "Tell daave there were four black ones."

The day was much better today. Except for the one tiny little lapse where I went on a tirade about a bunch of M-F'ers. My co-worker just looked at me with wide eyes, but didn't say a word. Smart woman.

Other than that, I was pretty spriritually fit!



Ahhhhhhh....spiritually fit...I like that. There are a lot of M-F'ers out there - I deal with a shitload everyday. Hang in there!
I see you,
PS: I'm grateful Peter said it was o.k. to use the picture.

lash505 said...

Just hold that mo fuc on your tongue.

dAAve said...

Sometimes, under the proper circumstances, a bunch of M-F'ers deserve a tirade.

Peter, I'm comforted that there were 4.

AAwoken said...

Hey, I sent you and email to the account you posted with about some Culebra numbers and the like. Had not heard back and did not know if it a disposable email address or if you had received it. Lemme know....

Mary Christine said...

AAwoken, I don't know where you got an e-mail address... hmm. You can use
I spelled out the at and the dot to prevent spammers (got that idea from Daave, thanks)
I would love to hear from you.

Shannon said...

LOL I bust out in Terets syndrome too... when I finally loose it... no worries, and glad she didnt say anything too... I pray that today will be smooth going!