Monday, January 16, 2006

Snow Day

This is what I woke up to this morning... first of all, when I woke up it was light out which is a freak occurrence in itself. Then the snow. It is pretty. It is cold. It looks slippery. I want to stay in bed. But I must go to the gym and run. Going to the gym in January is a very frightening thing... I seldom do it. But the sidewalks are covered in snow, so I am not going to risk running outside. After all the football games, all the sitting around, and all the eating this weekend, I MUST get some high quality calorie burnage this morning.

Quick list: I am grateful that Ron is doing better. He was sitting in a chair last night when I talked to him. I am grateful that my kids came over and spent the day with me yesterday while we watched football games. I am grateful that this is my fourth day off work. I can go back rested and refreshed tomorrow.


Sam said...

Lucky you! I want some snow!

I know what you mean about the gym in January (I think...). I did not go last week, partly because of the HUGE influx of New Year's Resolution people.

Happy day!


Sounds so wonderful being inside with the pretty snow outside.
I see you,


I am officially wishing the Broncos to go all the way. Hey anyone who beats the Pat's deserves it!
I see you still,

Mary Christine said...

Thanks JJ. I feel the same way about Pittsburgh right now. If the Broncos have to lose to anyone, it wouldn't be so bitter if it was Pittsburgh... of course, Pitts. is the city of my birth, but I really like the team. I like Bill Cowher and the Bus!

Trudging said...

Happy time off!!!

lash505 said...

I would like some snow as well just a little.