Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday Morning

Last night I got my hair cut.  Off. Most of it.  It is now blonde and short.  I will get used to it.  I was hoping to get some reactions at the meeting this morning, but there were only four of us there, me and three men.  Not the kind of men who notice my hair, dammit!  

My daughters and neighbor liked it.  It takes me a while to figure out whether I like things, so I am still sitting on the fence about this one....

Speaking of fences, I bought some more Christmas lights this morning to finish the front porch, but I have decided to put some lights along the top of the little fence between my front yard and back yard.  So, back to Target I go.

On the way I am dropping my daughter off at an NA meeting.  Praise God.  It was actually her idea.  

I know that recovery CAN and DOES happen, but I have been down this road with her for so many years, 15 to be precise.  I know that as much as I love her, God loves her even more, because He is that much more capable.  

Oh, and the rest of the weekend I hope to spend knitting.  I made a pair of mittens this week, and am now working on purple felted slippers.  Oh, how I love to knit!


dAAve said...

I'm waiting on a picture.
tap, tap, tap

Scott W said...

Slippers? Relapse doesn't have to be a part of the story.

Just kidding.

Kim A. said...

i crochet and absolutely love to get lost in it. I am making an afghan for my youngest and got a bit carried is now currently 12' wide by 6' long..and growing..or 12'long by 6' wide. If I can't control least I know he will be warm. Keep coming back..

steveroni said...

Easy to wash, easy to dry...
Rest of the hair--bye-bye.

Syd said...

Blonde and short. I'm glad that you decided to forego the "it's time for me to look like an old lady" cut. I'm sure that the new do is nice.

Pam said...

As I said that you were going to get your hair cut and let the natural color (whatever that may be) grow back in. Seems you chuncked those plans sista! hair do and a kid going to an NA meeting voluntarily.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

So glad your daughter volunteered for the! The hair sounds wonderful! Hope you enjoy it and that's all that counts. Although if you post a before and after you'll get all sorts of ohhhhs and ahhhss I'm sure of it.

Love the lights too!