Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's all happenin' now

A photo of a New Mexico mesa from inside a church on the mesa.  Taken during my niece's wedding last year.
The only thing that's really happening for me right now is a whole lot of work.  I should not have scheduled meetings away from my office this week.  I was being overly optimistic about my ability to get my deadline met tomorrow afternoon.  Oh well.  I have to cancel an appointment tomorrow because I have to get myself to my office early tomorrow and start working like a dog - like I did all day today.  It's OK.  Just unnerving to have to work so hard to meet a deadline.  In my former job I started worrying about deadlines right as I was hanging off the cliff of one.  No more.  Life is different.

Of course, I did leave at lunch time and get a manicure.  I have started a new habit - gel nails.  It is ridiculous the amount of money I am spending on this.  But it is a beautiful manicure that lasts for two weeks and strengthens your nails so they actually grow!

Last night everyone I knew called me.  Tonight, not one soul.  sssssh.  Don't say anything and they won't know I'm here.  I don't even know if I could come up with one coherent sentence right now.

Except for this:

By the Grace of God I am sober another day, and for that I am truly grateful.  I have not yet found the limits of God's mercy.  And it isn't for lack of trying.


dAAve said...

I didn't call you last night.

Syd said...

I called but you hung up on me.

shadowlands said...

I don't have your number or I would have called too, it's all about fitting in and belonging you see...... ;)

Pammie said...

I couldn't call you because I hid my phone in a sound proof box so I would not have to hear it ring and feel compelled to answer it.
I hope your job gets a little less stressful as time goes on.
I keep my nails cut real short so I can play guitar......great excuse too for not having to worry about them.

ScottF said...

i wanted to call... but forgot because I was so busy working ;)

Hey MC, isn't it great to be busy? Doesn't it feel good to lie your head down at night, knowing you've done a good day's work for your employer and you don't have to worry about the result so much?

As much of a drag as work can be, I still find myself grateful to be busy.