Thursday, March 22, 2012

Preparing for a Birthday Party

Tonight I shall see my two older granddaughters and we will have a birthday party for the eldest.  She was 12 years old on Monday of this week.  I am having a little party.  I was up until 9:30 last night cooking.  I have a meeting on my old campus from 3-4 this afternoon - then I will get home and get this thing rolling.  My heart is a little bit broken because I don't get to see those girls as often as I used to.  It seems to be almost impossible since they live with my ex-husband.  But tonight, they will be here and we will have the best little party!  Oh, the toll that alcoholism takes - in so many ways.  The only innocents in this are those two girls.  Bless their little hearts, they have lived through chaos that no child should ever have to deal with.

My heart is also just a little bit broken since the Broncos traded the wonderful Mr. Tim Tebow.  And now we have a 36 year old busted up old quarterback.  For $96 Million.  And the NY media is making fun of Tim.  But like my friend said - now she has three additional hours on Sunday afternoons in the fall because she won't be watching this crap.  We'll see if I can forego the afternoons watching football, but I am really disappointed and sad.

And that's about all I have this morning.  I am driving to work today since I have meetings in the afternoon.  So, I am not on such a tight time-schedule.  Not riding the bus makes my life easier in many ways.  But riding the bus virtually eliminates frustration and anger out of my life... and that is a good thing.

No matter what, I am planning on staying sober today, with the help of God's grace.  I hope you will do the same.


Mary LA said...

The brilliance of those crocuses is a joy to see. I hope your have a lovely birthday party -- at least those little girls have known a sober garndmother

dAAve said...

I'm laughing about the 3 extra hours. Just wait and see. I bet Manning ends up doing a fine job there.

Syd said...

I have has a lot of extra hours because I don't watch sports. But maybe that is cancelled out by the news--LOL. Have a fun party.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I have replaced sports with blogs--hours a day spent reading during those hours I used to work... love semi-retirement.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about the situation with ex and the girls. Maddening in many respects..but tonight it's about the other adults who love them. I know it will be very special for them..and you and daughter.

Barbara said...

Very pretty flowers. I hope the birthday party is super fun, I'm sure the girls will appreciate your cooking up some special things.

You're not alone in being bummed out over the Tebow incident. What were they thinking!?