Monday, March 26, 2012

Smoke on the Horizon

Or, "What you don't want to see on your way home from work!"  I was in a meeting at work until 5:30, when I finally got on the bus to go home, I saw that I had several text messages from the _____ County Sheriff.  Evacuation notices!  Holy crap!  I expressed my alarm to the woman next to me on the bus, we both used our iPhones to get as much information about the fires as we could.

As the bus drove west, we could see the smoke billowing into the sky.  One of the fires looked to be very close to my house.  Indeed, it is closer than I would like - but not as close as I feared.  I am not in an evacuation zone - thank God.  Or maybe I should say "not yet."

So, what do you take from your house when you have to evacuate?  The couple of times I have come near to this situation, I was shocked at what I wanted to put in my car and drive away with.  Not the jewels.  Not the antique furniture.  Not the other things I would normally consider the things "of value."

What I have loaded into my car are my family photos.  A couple of cherished books - like my father's big book.  My computer, obviously.  When it comes down to it - there isn't much that I really think I need.  I wonder why I have all this crap!

I'm grateful to be safe and comfortable tonight.  Not sleeping in a high school as I would have been if I were really evacuated.  Well, actually, I would be at my daughter or daughter-in-law's.  Probably.

I am grateful to be sober and clear-headed.  I am grateful to know that if something should happen in the middle of the night, I will be wakable and able to respond.

Grateful also for:

  • a new suit to wear to work today
  • beginning to feel comfortable in my new job
  • thinking about selling my house
  • friends to talk to on the phone
  • words for friends - this could be a problem!
Life is good on the sober side.  I have God to thank for that and all of the above.  


Syd said...

Glad that you are safe and didn't have to evacuate. Take care and sleep well.

Anonymous said...

Your writing shows you are getting more comfortable in your job..even when serious, there is a bit of humor or playfulness. It's very becoming.

Annette said...

Glad you are ok and home safe.

dAAve said...

I'm surprised that "wakable" doesn't have an "e" after the "k".

Oh well. See? I learn something every day.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm glad you are safe!

I haven't started words for friends yet... It would be a problem for me fer-sure!

Pammie said...

I often think about the "wakable" part. Oh I'm so glad that you did not have to go thru an evacuation...scarey and inconvenient.

Kathy said...

Love, love and addicted to WFF!! Also the scramble game. Any time you want to play, let me know.

Jeremy Ritz said...

Very glad you are safe & hope you continue to be so.

We just signed a new lease and are moving in May and my first thought was - Great now I can get rid of some of this crap, my second was 'Why do we have all this crap?!?'

I'm obsessed with WWF! Username: JeremyRitz if you wanna play!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful you are home, safe tonight. I love WWF!