Sunday, March 04, 2012

She's Got her Dancin' Shoes

My little baby is here today.  She has sparkly pink boots on.  She is such a happy baby.

When I brought my computer into the living room, she said "Daddy" and sat on my lap, waiting for him to Skype.  Well, that's one smart baby!  Because a minute or two later, he did appear on my computer screen.  They blew kisses to each other and talked.  And so did I.  22 more days and he will be out of there.  My nephew will be out of there before then.  I think in a month I am going to be able to say that I have no relations in a war zone.  Oh, I can't even image that!  But I will like it!  And I will pray every day still for each and every man and woman who are in a war zone of any type.

I went to my homegroup yesterday.  I ran into the man who took me to my first meeting.  I am always so happy to see him.  He is a friend.  And he is still sober.  He will celebrate 29 years next month.

I saw someone else walk into the room.  A grey haired man who was brown haired the last time I saw him.  We greeted each other warmly and he sat next to meet.  We talked for a while before the meeting.  He has been sober  since we last met - our circles just never meet anymore.  It was nice to see him.  And it is nice to see people who have stayed sober year after year.

I have been attacked from time to time for writing here about how long I have been sober.  I feel like I don't preface every sentence with that, I don't use it as a club for arguments, and I don't think I misuse it.  I humbly thank God for it every day.  Truly, I AM grateful for it.  But I cannot be grateful for something that I fail to acknowledge.

I cannot describe to you the joy of the fellowship when days stretch into months, months into years, and years into decades.  I have known these people since they were young, newly sober people.  Now we are comparing photos of grandchildren and discussing how on earth we will retire!  We are mostly in good health and still marveling at the miracle of sober life - still unfolding every single day.

So, I am a happy nana today.  I will enjoy my day, my baby, and my life.

And thank God, because without his grace, I would have none of this.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. xoxoxoxoxox


Syd said...

Hey, love you too, MC. Glad that you have so many years. It is something to inspire others. Not an ego thing at all but something that indicates it can be done one day at a time.

Lou said...

Oh, I will have to find pink shoes for my baby-girl!!

Your son will be in my morning prayer for the next 22 days. Sometimes a few weeks can feel like a decade.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that you over use anything in this blog. You just state the fact beautifully. It gives me hope.

Mary LA said...

I like it when you post about those years sober because I hear the gratitude.

That little girl will grow up into a very different world. Skype wasn't there for any of us.

Pammie said...

Young families just catch my heart every time.
I love running into sober people that I used to sit in meetings with and see that they too have stayed on the same path.

Nadia M. said...

Continue to show the strength you have from within. You have not misused any words, thoughts, etc in this blog. You have come a long way and I am happy for you. By reading your post, I can imagine you have worked with so many supportive people. The day will come soon enough. Hang tight. Continue to live proud and strong. BTW, I love those pink boots! :)

Veritas Villa said...

Mary Christine,

29 years sober is amazing and we know this does not come easily. You are inspiring. Congratulations!