Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Morning

Tulips from another year
This winter has been so harsh, I don't even have any crocus leaves popping up.  There are a couple of tulip leaves peeking out of the snow and dirt, but not many.  I planted some new tulip bulbs in the fall, but they haven't shown any sign of life yet.  I know that spring will come, but this is one of those years that I despair of winter ever ending.

This morning I am going with my boss to take a tour of a hospital in another city.  We are meeting at her house at 8 o'clock, then she will drive us for two hours to the hospital.  I hope we won't be there long and that I can get back home to work on the project I brought home on Friday and never got to this weekend.  I am a tad nervous about being in a car for four hours with my new boss.  She is a 32 year old PhD who uses the "f" word in every sentence.  She also throws in some other words that I don't hear very often - at least not at work.  It is funny to feel like a prudish old woman - if she only knew!!!

I didn't write about my icon workshop on Saturday - it was really awesome.  I didn't have a board to use and the coordinator thought she might be able to find me one.  However, when I got there, she told me she was unable to.  I told her on Friday that I wanted to do St. John the Baptist, he of the dreadlocks and garment of camel hair.  It happens that another budding iconographer had begun St. John the Baptist and made such mess of it, she had abandoned him.  So, I was presented with this thing to make an icon of.  I feel so honored.  It will take a while, but I think it is a worthy endeavor.

Last night one of my sponsees came over and I showed the new icon to her.  She pointed to my finished icons and told me she had complete faith that I would be able to fix the new one.  Once again, I am grateful for these relationships of many years.  We know each other so well.  Last night we were talking about something and she expressed her trust in me.  Later she sent me a text message thanking me for my trust in her.  These things come with time. We have been through rough patches, in fact, at one point I told her she needed to find a new sponsor.  But we were able to talk it through.   I am so grateful for her in my life.

I need to get hopping to get out of here.

I will look at this day with gratitude. I have opportunities to be of service to God and my fellows all over the place.  A sober life affords such opportunities.

Thanks to the grace of God.


Syd said...

Sounds as if you have a good day ahead. I hope that the drive up and back will be interesting and a time to get to know each other better. It will be good I believe.

Anonymous said...

After your last post I read up on Icons, and found it fascinating. A labor of love and respect for sure.

dAAve said...

I didn't read this until late afternoon. Sorry I missed seeing you hopping. Got a pciture?

Ms Jones said...

Please excuse my ignorance but what is creating an Icon?