Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Okay- I originally had a picture of my Christmas tree here, but while I was writing this, I saw the above scene out my window - sitting right at my computer. I couldn't help but take a picture, I thought the first one, with the woman yanking with all her might on the dog, was funny. But I thought it was only fair to include the second one, to show the dog did finally get the idea.

This morning I woke at 3 a.m. and was disappointed when I looked out the window and saw no snow. As I was doing my morning meditation, I heard a noise that sounded like ice pellets hitting the side of the house. By the time I was done with my prayer and meditation, the snow was falling at a great rate and there was already snow accumulated on the ground.

There is an "alkathon" at a nearby club, so I left the house before 5:00 a.m. The snow was blinding and there were no tracks in the fallen snow.... for benefit of those from southern climes, this means you can't really tell where the road is. The ride to the club was scary! I thought about going back home to my warm bed, but then I remembered that I told a few folks I would be there early this morning.

When I made that last turn on the way and saw the club lit up and lots of cars there, I very nearly cried with relief and joy. People hugged me and wished me a Merry Christmas, and I was ushered straight into a wonderful meeting. After that meeting was over, I went to the next meeting, and that was another wonderful meeting. By then it was light outside and I could see that there were many inches of snow - and I had my velvet and satin heels on! Oh well, my shoes and feet (and legs) got very wet this morning! A man I adore cleaned the snow off my car, and it made my heart melt... how gentlemanly!

I went to church after the meeting. It was truly scary to drive there. I am certain I was the only woman (or man) wearing high heels this morning! Usually on Christmas morning I have to resign myself to sit somewhere else than where I normally sit because there are so many people there, and I try to be as courteous and welcoming as I can be. However, this morning, the church was not at all packed. Not even as full as a regular Sunday!

I think it is funny that alcoholics can get to meetings and not think twice about it, but people can't get to church. Sad, really.

I am glad I am an alcoholic and have a place to go where everyone still shows up, and welcomes me. Today I am grateful to be an alcoholic - but don't quote me on that because I will normally give you a thousand reasons why I will not say that...

Love you all.


Banana Girl said...

Merry Christmas MC! It was a wonderous morning filled with emotion and awe. Sorry about your shoes. Somehow today I will think of you in your Ruby Red slippers dancing through the snow. Perhaps your nickname should be Dot (Dorothy). We may not be in Kansas or OZ, but it is true that when we find a meeting, we know the real meaning of "There's no place like home." God's blessings today and always. BG

Scott W said...

Lovely. We did not, thank God, get snow today. We had a full house at noon and great fellowship afterwards with a pot luck lunch.

How lucky are we?

vegan.mama said...

Merry Christmas -- I went to a packed morning meeting today (albeit at 11am) and it was so heartwarming to be among "family" for what felt like the first time in my life. And I love reading your blog -- it's a blessing me.

dAAve said...


Gwen R said...

How great! I would have enjoyed watching that as well. And how I wanted that snow this year. But we were not as lucky as you. At least in the snowy whitness sense.


Syd said...

The snow sounds great. And your gratitude is shining through.