Friday, December 07, 2007


I am so grateful that this work week is 4/5 over. Hopefully I can get some work done today. I will have to work this weekend, as well as do a million other things. I am feeling a tad overwhelmed, can you tell?

Yesterday at work the power was out. We are working with old infrastructure and there are frequently unexpected huge system failures. We had to get emergency generators for power. Who knows what today will bring. I still had plenty of work to do without power. It was kind of nice to work without the hum of all the things running. It was amazing that you could hear conversations that you normally wouldn't. Sometimes I really think about the changing sounds... we used to hear typewriters and phones ringing... now we have a steady buzz. buzz. buzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Last night I got to go to the meeting where my oldest sponsee celebrated her 12th AA birthday. What a miracle she is. She is a real alcoholic. And she is really sober. And she really puts the effort needed into it. She is serious about it. I am so grateful for her. And grateful to be part of her life, and grateful that she is grateful for me too! This is so good.

I gotta get to work because I am leaving early to get my hair done. I thought that waiting three months between hair appointments would be a good way to save money. I will NEVER do this again. I feel like a shaggy dog with multicolored hair. It is not a good thing to do, especially when going through trying times. It really helps when you can at least find something attractive in the mirror when you are having a bad day!

"Believe more deeply. Hold your face to the Light, even though for the moment you do not see." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 3


dAAve said...

Stands to reason that you'd be powerless at work, too.
Get your hair done. And when they say it's a permanent, they don't really mean it.

Scott W said...

I have not paid to have my hair done in almost 30 years. I can't believe how expensive it is for you gals to get colored and cut.

Have a great Friday, MC. Your life sounds beautiful.

Shannon said...

LOL about the changing sounds of the work places... I can relate a bit LOL.
I know what ya mean too about needing your hair done...
That is awesome about your sponsee... 2 of mine went back out. One was a gal who had 11 yrs she went out and got 30 days and she went out again...I hate this disease, the other is a revolving door gal... I hope they both come back soon