Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Morning

I am heading out of here for a 6:30 meeting, followed by a meeting with a sponsee. I am tired and wish I could stay home, but I am sure I will be glad I got out once I get going.

My family and I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. So, this is my last day to get everything ready. I am not nearly done, or in some things, I haven't even started. I haven't done my grocery shopping yet for our Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding dinner (why did I capitalize those words?) I haven't got a present for my son yet.

And I don't have much for anyone else either. It is very unlike me. I haven't had time, and I haven't had much money (I got hit with an unexpected tax bill this month that had to be paid RIGHT NOW!!!) So, I guess it will be a humble thing. For instance, the sponsee I am meeting with this morning gave me a Christmas gift yesterday. I have nothing for her. I am going to give her a card, and that is all. And I haven't given gifts to my sponsor or other sponsees either. This is unusual. But it is going to have to be OK. This December has been very unusual.

I better get going. Please, let's all try to stay calm today and remember that this is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus.


dAAve said...

An unusual December?
How unusual.
Does this mean you aren't treating me to that trip around the world?

recoveryroad said...

Have a lovely, sober and peaceful, Christmas. And enjoy that roast beef!

Lounge Daddy said...

We'll stay calm over here. As calm as a husband and wife and 8 kids can be. hehe

Have a great Christmas. A gas bill is a lousy gift :)
Take care and God bless.

Christine said...

being a sponsor and a sponsee seems like huge gifts you give out

Remembering the reason for this season and staying calm...

Merry merry Mary Christine

Scott W said...

I didn't support the economy this year. That's okay, less stress for me!

Kathy Lynne said...

Merry Christmas and enjoy your day with your family.

johno said...

oh is that what christmas is all about, baby jesus... I have been thinking its all about ME!! rost beef and yorkshires yum, any room at your place??

have a good one!x