Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Morning

I didn't wake up until 6:30 this morning! I thought about going to the 6:30 meeting and being a half-hour late, but I have a thing about being late to meetings. So, I decided to drive the 20 miles to my old home group that meets at 7:30 a.m. It was good to be there.

I got to see the man who took me to my first meeting in 1984. We both marvel at the fact that we are both still sober, all these years later. And we both laugh about something we realized maybe 15 years ago - the longer you stay sober, the older you get. hmmmm.

I was going to run when I got home, but the sidewalks are still covered with snow and ice. Perhaps I will get to the gym later. I need to go into work for a while. Hopefully I can get a bunch of work done on a Saturday, because it is just not getting done during the week.

I am still tired. I am too old to be working as hard as I have been. But I have potatoes frying on the stove and soon I will have two eggs frying alongside them. I will eat a nice Saturday morning breakfast.

Have a great sober day everyone.


Pam said...

Girl...I will not walk into a meeting late, and I don't care about all the justification that people come up with about how it's OK to do so!
I fried egss and pepper bacon with bisquits this morning and served my husband breakfast in bed!!
PS: I don't like the getting older part in sobriet, just sayin'..little turnip green.

Pam said...

sobriet ????
hee hee

Banana Girl said...

To accept the things I cannot change....other people's tardiness! It's on my list too. But what is a sober girl to do? When I first entered the rooms I was impressed by the late ones who actually apologized to the group for being late. Now I always try to imagine that they must have a good reason for being late...even if it is chronic. I dunno, I can't afford that little resentment. They just lead to the big ones. And besides, then I make the whole meeting revolve around them instead of the primary purpose of helping the ones who are desperate enough to get there on time. God, I offer myself to do with me as Thou will.... One more day, one more hour. Thank God I am here. Love you MC and quit working to goshdarn hard! It will keep.

Scott W said...

If I am late and am called on to share I apologize for being late, which is very rare for me, and pass so someone with their priorities straight can share. Unless someone is on the verge of drinking, I cannot stand that late arrival stuff and then sharing. Of course, if they are about to drink, I want them to share no matter the cost or interruption.

Kathy Lynne said...

I didn't go to my first meeting because I got lost and would have been late. I have learned that that would have been acceptable but I too still don't like to be late or when people show up late. It's disruptive. When I'm late, I miss stuff, like the moment of silence.. I need that and when I don't get it I'm offkilter for the day. When others are late I am distracted and lose my focus on the meeting. Unless they make it a point to be discreet, kinda rare. Us alcoholics aren't known for being discreet.:)