Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Morning

I just got home from the 6:30 meeting where we celebrated two birthdays - one seven year, and one seventeen. It was good to be there. I got to talk with my friend R. for a while after the meeting which was really nice. He is the one and only "real life" person who has ever found my blog and known it was me. I generally don't tell people about it. Those I have told have absolutely no interest in it. It is almost like a secret life - except that it is real and true and I reveal here who I really am, sometimes to my regret.

I am excited today because it is cold and cloudy and it might snow. The mountains got clobbered with snow, and it is supposed to snow here. I hope it will. I have plenty of Christmas knitting to do and I have a cheesecake to bake. It is a good day to just be at home.

There is an AA event at R.'s house tonight. I am looking forward to going, and I am bringing the cheesecake to the event. It will be nice.

AND! I got to talk to Daave this morning. It was lovely to chat with him as I drove to the meeting.

I sometimes don't feel that great, this has been one of those weeks. I do suffer from chronic depression. Most of the time, the measures I take to keep the depression at bay work really well (diet, exercise, prayer, meditation). But when there is a change in these things, I usually suffer. Not being able to run all week has really messed with my ability to cope. And I have had a ton of things to cope with this week.

I am so grateful to be sober.


Scott W said...

Dave's good for talking to, amongst other things.

YamadogGirl said...

I'll keep you in my prayers. Have a great day MC, and patiently wait with God.
Blessings & Love,

dAAve said...

I hope you're able to run soon. Have you tried other forms of exercise when you're not able to run?
I want cheesecake.

recoveryroad said...

Dave rocks.

Depression. Pain. Maybe focus on the snowflakes?

If he gets cheesecake...can I have some.

Thinking of you.


Amerynthe said...

After being away from the blogging community it is great to come back and catch up with your news, MC. It helps me remember who I am, and why I came here in the first place.
Hope you feel better soon and can get out there in your trainers and run in the snow!

Pam said...

Damn, I'm sorry you don't feel like yourself...cause yourself is so fabulous. I'm hoping that your get together last night did you some good. Cheesecake should help.

Kathy Lynne said...

I haven't shared my blog with real life people either. I do share that I blog instead of journal but no one has asked for the site and I'm not sure what I would do if they did. I do get what you mean about a secret life. Which is why I was a bit freaked out to be contacted by I saw your blog there as well. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that.

Syd said...

If I don't exercise, I start to feel down. It's important for me to stay active and engaged in things I like to do.