Monday, December 10, 2007

A day off is good.

Yesterday was wonderful. I went to church in the morning, went to a cookie-making party with some sober sisters, then came home and snuggled in on the sofa, with a warm wool afghan, and watched the Broncos kick some serious ass. My son, his friend, and my daughter came over after they went to the game, and they were cold and hungry! I made some pizza and we played Trivial Pursuit. How wonderful is a day off of work!

Now today I am back to the workplace and the pressure. I feel it already this morning when I try to plan my day, incorporating things I need to accomplish this week. It makes my stomach flip when I just think about it.

Thank God for all the tools I have today. I know it will be OK no matter what happens.


dAAve said...

The Broncos kick ass.
Mary Christine kicks ass.
It's gonna be a wonderful week.
No matter what.

Scott W said...

Just knowing and believing it will be okay is such a spectacular feeling.

Thanks for sharing your joy, Mary Christine!

Syd said...

I know the feeling. Wish that everyday could be Saturday.

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

I like it when you are joyous.

Glad to see it.

Pam said...

You're kind of glowing...little moon beam!

Shannon said...

LOL daav is so cute and funny LOL well we all are actually..
sounds like a great way to spend the Sunday! We watched our Seahawks KICK ASS- we are in the playoffs, we are in the playoffs, we are in the playoffs!!!!!
love ya
Hope that when you climb in bed, you feel peaceful and ready for sleep (((HUGS)))