Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Morning

It's early. It's not too cold though - 23 degrees at almost 4 a.m. is pretty warm. I am off to church, and that is good.

I met 2 deadlines yesterday which is such a relief I can't begin to say. Now I have a big deal today, and 2 more huge things have to be done by next weds. It will be OK - a lot of work, but OK. I will not work this weekend because my birthday is on Saturday and I would like to enjoy it with my family and not be running around like a nut. So if I have to run around like a nut M-F, I can deal with that, but not this weekend.

Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a long time. As I was cooling down after running on the treadmill, I saw a sponsee I have been worried about. She was shocked when I tapped her on the shoulder and said hello. I was glad to see her and glad to talk with her.

I worry too much about women I sponsor. As the sponsorship relationship develops, I really grow to love these women. My sponsor loves me too, she tells me every time I talk to her!

I thank God for these priceless relationships in AA. They are unlike anything I have ever known outside the rooms.

"For, to these people, I am truly related. First, through mutual pain and despair, and later through mutual objectives and new-found faith and hope. And, as the years go by, working together, sharing our experiences with one another, and also sharing a mutual trust, understanding and love-without strings, without obligation-we acquire relationships that are unique and priceless." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 312"


dAAve said...

I' don't allow myself to become so enmeshed in my sponsee's lives. Of course, I want the best for them, but I remain somewhat aloof.
I guess it's about fear, eh?

Syd said...

I want to sponsor but look upon it as being a guide. I don't want to be a pal but someone who is a guide through the steps.

Shannon said...

I tend to worry about my sponsees and friends... ssheeesh going through a bit of tht now... praying praying praying and just being a friend is all I can do... LOL I still want to JUMP and do for them what they SHOULD do for themselves... this is something I have worked on a for a loong loong time... your attitude about work is much appreciated by me... thanks for sharing it MC. I love ya
happy almost Birthday WOOOHOOOOO

Kathy Lynne said...

Of course I don't have any sponsees, have trouble just being one actually. What I can relate to is worrying about my buddies in AA. Not so much the old timers but the people who are getting sober along with me and behind me. I hate when someone stops showing up and I feel responsible if they relapse. Like, if only I had called them it would have made a difference. I am beginning to understand that I am only responsible for myself but old habits are hard to break. One of my strengths is that I am very empathetic but I think that may also be a weakness. I am definately a work in progress.

Pam said...

I'll be glad when your work day is back to normal!!
Girl, I have not heard you mention the gym in a long time....your gym seems to be beautiful outdoor settings. Have a "stress free" day if you little fried okra friend.

Christine said...

I've been fired so many times. I just love 'em when they are with me and pray for 'em when they are not. They've, sponsees that is, have taught me so much about me thru my relationships with them. What a mirror they can be!