Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

I am running around like a nut today. I thought I had better take a second to post something.

I am off to a cookie making party with the sober ladies from my 6:30 a.m. group. I am very excited about going. I just whipped up some cookie dough, and I will bring it there with my cookie sheet and apron. I never thought I would ever be excited about such a thing, but I really really am.

First of all, it is nice to be included.
Second, it is nice to share activities outside of meetings with my sober sisters.

Last night I went to a party with people from work. These are things I don't usually attend, but the hostess is someone I just love. I had the best time! I was out until 1:15 in the morning! I never do that! And I drove through horrible weather conditions, an hour each way, to go to this thing. I met the wife of one of my favorite people from work, and I think she might have talked me into running a full marathon! Holy Cow. 26.2 miles. In San Diego! June 1. Can I run 26.2 miles? hmmmm. A lot to think about.

My joy seems to be back. Thank God!


Anonymous said...

It is good to read you sounding happy again.

Scott W said...

We may just displace our joy. I think, truly, it is our inherent nature.

You sound so lignt!

Pam said...

I'd say the willingness to drive in those going to any length!
I can see you running that far!!!!

Syd said...

Sometimes we can find that there's a good time to be had when we least expect it. Glad that you got there and back safely.