Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost Spring, St. Patrick's Day, St. Joseph's Day

It's a late winter morning. It is cold and there is a bit of snow on the ground from last night. My crocus, however, are in bloom... and that makes me happy.

I woke this morning after having a dream about being at a social event with three of my least favorite women in AA. In my dream, I called one of them a bitch and stormed off from wherever we were. I woke up and thought - oh, no, I have to go to that meeting and see those women this morning. Imagine my surprise, when just a half hour away from that dream, I walked into the meeting and the woman I had called a bitch in my dream moments ago looked at me and told me she needed to talk with me. We went into another room and she told me something about her boyfriend... and I got to be supportive to her.

Thank God that my actions are not always consistent with my feelings. I think my dream shows how I REALLY feel, but my actions can be loving anyway. By the Grace of God.

Today my son is coming over at noon. I am cooking corned beef and cabbage and we shall have our annual St. Paddy's day dinner. Yummmy. One or more of my daughters may show up.

My beloved drug addict daughter called me yesterday to tell me that she is on the waiting list for rehab. Oh, I am so glad. She sounded p.o.'d about it, so it rang true to me. No one will let her have her daughters unsupervised anymore and it seems this is more than she can bear. I am praying... praying... praying.


Scott W said...

Dreams are the oddest things. That dream I had the other night about being so totally mean to some kids, well, I have done that in my past. No reason other than I let my mood lead me where I would not want to be. By nature I want to be loving all the time. But subconsciously...

I heart corned beef and cabbage, but I am not eating meat, so I will not be having that this year. Enjoy the time with the boy and know God is watching after the beloved drug addict daughter and her kids.

Pam said...

I want corned beef and cabbage, and I want to sit at the table with you and your son to eat it.;)
Thanks for giving me an example of how we don't have to let our feelings guide our actions. I forget the simplest things sometimes.

Zane-nawwaa said...

I will be praying with you. What a gorgeous colour are the flowers.
Enjoy you CB & C.

dAAve said...

Odd thing about that dream.
Odd think about loving corned beef and cabbage.
Odd thing about the Mars Rover program.

Syd said...

Crocus--the first sign of spring.