Sunday, March 30, 2008

Syd tagged me to do this. It seems like kind of a nice break from the heaviness of the last week, so here goes:

What I was doing:

10 years ago -- I was working where I still work, but in a different department. I was going to school full-time as well as working full-time. I was sober 13 years. I was just beginning to look for a house to buy. I was living in a 100 year old rental house in a very fashionable neighborhood in north Denver, but was beginning to find it tiresome. I was in mourning for my two best friends who had moved away (one to England and one to San Francisco) the year before.

5 years ago-- I was working at my current job... two promotions from the five years earlier. I had finished my bachelors and masters degrees. I was 18 years sober - I was happy to be "even" - I was sober as many years as I drank. I was seeing a man I absolutely adored. We were planning on getting married, but he kept getting drunk.

1 year ago--Still working at the same place. My son was in Iraq and I was going to many meetings and sponsoring 7 women (which is insane!) I was very busy, never had a moment to myself. Sober 22 years and very grateful to be able to get through a very difficult time without going totally insane. Training for my first half-marathon, and 4th triathlon.

Yesterday--Went to an AA meeting, talked to a bunch of friends. Made a plan for a party after the trip to Alaska - a fish fry with the fish I am planning on catching and bringing home. Went to a nearby park to run 12 miles, but ran only 5 because I was feeling not really great. Went to visit my daughter at the chemical dependency unit at a local hospital. Came home and watched a movie and cut up crepe paper for a special project at work.

5 snacks I enjoy
1) popcorn - cooked on the stove, in a pan.
2) ice cream bars
3) bananas
4) shredded wheat - those big honkin' things
5) gu

5 books I like
1) The Holy Bible (I used to think people were full of s*** when they wrote this, but now I understand)
2) Alcoholics Anonymous
3) Lonesome Dove
4) Kitchen God's Wife
5) Covenant

What I would do with 100 million dollars
1) Quit my job
2) Pay off the mortgage on the house and the rest of my bills
3) Get a volunteer "job"
4) Support more people in lands where a $30. a month contribution changes lives
5) Travel

5 places I'd love to visit
1) Rome
2) Greece
3) Ireland
4) Israel
5) Alaska - oh! I am already going there!

5 bad habits and pet peeves I have

Pet Peeves
1) poor grammar
2) stupid arrogance
3) rigidity
4) politicians who clothe their bad intentions in good looking ones
5) snow in late March - oh! look out the window!

Bad Habits
1) packing too much into every day
2) never doing "nothing"
3) using my cell phone in the car and even while shopping - sorry everyone.
4) eating two meals a day at my desk at work
5) picking on people's grammar, even if silently.

5 things I like doing
1) Running
2) going to church
3) driving on a sunny day
4) knitting
5) seeing the smiles on my granddaughters faces when they see me!

5 things I would never wear
1) capris - I just hate them!
2) tons of make-up
3) cologne to work
4) cheap clothing - sorry, I am crazy about nice clothes
5) plastic shoes or purses

5 TV shows I like
1) This Week with George Stephanopolis (In my mind it is still David Brinkley)
2) Larry King Live
3) House (doesn't that cute Hugh Laurie look like our Daave?)
4) American Idol - I admit it!
5) Country Music Television - I admit that too!

5 movies I like
I cannot think of 5 movies I like enough to write down...

5 famous people I'd like to meet
1) Lindsey Lohan - I would love to be her sponsor
2) Thomas Merton
3) Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
4) Joni Mitchell
5) Pope John Paul II

I'm going to be late for church if I don't stop now. I am supposed to tag others, but I don't know who has done this and not.


Pam said...

I loved your list, HOWEVER, what the heck do you have against capris??? I look great in them..hee hee...that's probably the only reason I like them, because they look good on ME. When I did my "list" I forgot to put the 5 people I would like to meet..damn. BUT I've alreay met you, so that's one down. :)
Enjoy your day lemon drop

dAAve said...


(and I can't stand Hugh Laurie)

Scott W said...

My father was the spitting image (whatever that really is) of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Or he looked just like him.

Zane-nawwaa said...

My all time movie fave is Dr. Zhivago. The first 50 times I saw it I just cried and cried. Ah, those old "Road Show" flicks.

Hi, my name is... said...

I want to hug Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears and say, "There is a solution. Step out of Hollywood and come with me."

Syd said...

Good stuff MC. And I like your lists. We share some similar things. And I don't like plastic either or shoddy clothes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on working hard to say sober. We are proud of you and you serve as a great example to all the people in our house!


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