Saturday, March 01, 2008

Texting a Land Line

I heard a malapropism yesterday that was so rich, I sat right in my office, in the presence of the woman who said it, pulled out my cell phone and texted a message to Scott. But I got an error message a moment later.... I was texting a land line. Which is futile. And "texting a land line" sounds like a good description of futility. But I did later call Scott to tell him about "pearl-rate" instead of "pro-rate."

I took the above picture while walking to the car from the restaurant last night. We dined on Ethiopian food. Oh, it was wonderful. I had to lecture my children first, and then they almost behaved. The two children (31 and 29 years old) who are "good" are much offended by their sister who is a drug addict. She is starting a new "career" as a tattoo artist. She actually should be quite good at it since she is such a good artist... and she is so fricking personable, it is amazing. The waiter was practically droooling over her. She has this effect on people. I just wish she could use it for good. Anyway.

Wrong or right (and I seem to be wrong a lot lately), I told them that this is what a family is. We are never all going to be 100%. We live with and love each other anyway. I grew up with a father who passed out in his soup in only the finest establishments. A brother who bounced off of parked cars, and crashed a few. The same brother who left a party and passed out in a cornfield and it took a search party to find him.... oh, I could go on and on with this. But I won't.

If we only love each other when it is happy and convenient, what good is that?

So anyway, we had a lovely dinner - really. We had fun. And after dinner, we went to Dairy Queen... the home of my favorite ice cream. My (good) daughter drove, and I sat in that car in my glory - because I was with all three of my children and they were, for the most part, acting like people who like each other. It was wonderful.

Today is my last day of this semester. Praise God. I do not want to do this anymore.


Scott W said...

Thanks for the call. You know I answer the phone now when I don't recognize the number. Unlike the old days!

I didn't understand yesterday when you said you were texting me on my land line. That is rich, sort of speak! LOL

Thanks, MC and have a great weekend!

Pam said...

I think we could probably swap kids and not see a difference. We all took my (bad) daughter to an emergency room once, and the doctor was hitting on her...
I can not imagine what kind of food Ethiopian people would eat.
Enjoy your saturday little honeydew.

dAAve said...


MICKY said...
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MICKY said...
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Scott W said...

Mickey, shut the FUCK up!

MICKY said...

Dearest Scott,
You are RAGE-A-HOLIC & CONTROL FREAK - an emotionally shutdown, raging, shape - shifting, anti -Christ, Bill Wilson zombie.

I love you Scotty! Do you love me?

Please enter HELL, SCOTT! - 6k


Anonymous said...

I always wondered where that term "slip him a Mickey" came from. Now it all makes sense.

Thanks for sharing the love, MC (and even the stuff that feels squishy).

Scott C in the Land of Cleves

Syd said...

I like the malapropisms I've heard:
Simonize your watches
Let's watch the sailing contata
My daughter got recliners on her teeth
The legislative carcass is in session

A tattoo artist...interesting line of work.