Monday, February 15, 2010

End of Four Day Weekend

I think I need to go back to work tomorrow to get some rest. It has been a very busy weekend. I thought I would get some down time, but it just never happened. The good side of that is that I have a busy life, full of friends, family, and lots of life stuff. That is very good.

Tonight I sat right at this computer and registered for a marathon (26.2 miles). It is in September. It is local (which means it is at altitude). I am going to really have to buckle down and start training for this. I need to do this for so many reasons.

Today I drove over to a sponsee's house. She lives nearby and the route to her house is one of my favorite quick 3 to 5 mile running routes. I realized as I drove past that I have not run that route in at least 3 months - due to weather. I NEED to get back out and run. I will do this. 26.2 is a lot of miles and will require a great deal of devoted training.

Oh, this morning, after my AA meeting, I drove to the car dealership to get the studded snow tires taken off my old car and the old tires put back on.... they didn't even want my fancy snow tires. So, I got back into that car and it felt horrible to be there. Then I turned the key and the engine made the noise of a car thats engine is about to blow up. If that car were still mine, I would have quickly turned it off and called for a tow. As it was, I drove to the tire store and back to the Toyota dealer. If I ever had any doubts about buying a new car, that quick drive resolved any of them. I walked away from that car so happy and relieved. And got into my fancy new car and drove safely home.

Grateful, grateful, grateful.


Scott W said...

I love being where God wants me to be.

dAAve said...

That busy 4-day weekend might be a glimpse into what retirement is like.

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are safe in your new car. Have a good day.

Ed G. said...

Isn't it wonderful when the universe provides us the affirmation of being where we're supposed to be? When that happens for me, it just makes my heart sing. I hope you enjoy your time at work.

Blessings and aloha...

Kim A. said...

A safe car is a blessing. I realize that today. There was a time I didn't. I'm glad I learned.