Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Over the last little while I have left many loose ends - I usually do that deliberately. I don't want my blog to have every little detail of my life. I have sometimes written too much information here and regretted it deeply. I have shared too much and have gotten some of my readers FAR too involved with my life - so I try to keep it general. But, there have been some things I have left hanging and I am being so depressed and boring... so I will give an update.

The job I interviewed for in November? It was offered to me, but I declined. They could not offer me more money and it was across town and it would end up being a net decrease in pay by the time I increased my commute or moved across town. It was tempting though... and it was a great ego boost... they liked me so much.

The job I interviewed for in January? It was not offered to me. They would not offer me even as much money as I make now and I told them I would not take a decrease in pay. I pretty much think that was the end of discussion. I sure wish I hadn't had to go through all the hoops of the test and the interview with 9 people to have it be a forgone conclusion like that though. I am pretty sure that someone wrote that the interview was "bizarre" after I left. It was. I just couldn't deal with it any other way. So, how much were they going to pay for bizarre? Not as much as I wanted, clearly.

The date on Sunday? Fiasco. He is a friend. But not someone I like enough to date. He showed up at my house a couple of HOURS early. I wasn't ready. I didn't even have make up on. He complained that he didn't feel well, and by the time we ate lunch, he said he didn't feel well enough to go to the movie. I believe that is the truth. And frankly, I didn't want to see that movie anyway. We are supposed to go this weekend, and I don't want to go. I would be wiling to bet money it will never happen. This will give you an idea of who he is: a man who is sober 16 years and stands at the back of the meeting and signals his friend with a finger count of the number of people in the room he "likes," and it is usually one or two. bleh.

There is someone else anyway, someone I like enough to think walking around the park talking to on the phone is romantic. 'nuff said abut that.

Crying at work update: Yesterday at work I talked with a man who is leaving at the end of this month. I asked him if he was having a party, and he said no, but he just wanted to just say goodbye to people individually. And then he blew me away when he said he would never forget me because I gave him his big chance when I hired him. Oh my. I forgot. Oh yes. I hired him. And I told him that it was one of the best things I ever did. And of course, I had to cry.

Then I got to visit with a sponsee after work. What a wonderful thing this is.

Oh, and the car update: a car door that wouldn't close - on Monday at 5:00 p.m., I picked up my car, and $800. later, I got to drive it away. Yes, a VW with 60,000 miles on it is a good deal - if you are a millionaire.

OK. American Idol! In Denver! It hardly gets any better than that. So, I gotta go.


dAAve said...

You sound so normal.

Ed G. said...

Thanks - I was wondering. Really.

I hope good fortune and comfort land firmly in your life for a long stay.

Blessings and aloha...

Pam said...

Mary,sit down I have something to tell you. You are bizarre darlin', your life experiences have been bizarre and your job "saying goodbye everyday" is bizarre. Your car, your running, your schedule is bizarre. Just buy a T-shirt with BIZARRE on it and put it out there in the open.

Scott said...

Idol was great last nite, especially that first guy who looked like Jack Black... very kool!

It's wonderful, getting to know people, isn't it? It's sometimes annoying, sometimes rewarding then painful but it's always interesting.

Kim A. said...

If you buy the shirt, put ERRAZIB on it. It will make people crazy.

Go see Avatar alone. It is worth it. Extra butter on the popcorn, a large soda and you will be set. It is worth it. Another person would only distract you anyway.



Lou said...

I agree loose ends are good. Many people who put everything out there, and too quickly, on their blogs are not blogging anymore because of it.

Scott W said...

I have a habit of saying too much so I strive to not do that on my blog. Straightforward is the best approach for me.

Sorry about the car. Auto problems scare me.

Garnet said...

dAAve says 'you sound so normal'. Pam says 'you are bizarre, darlin'.'

Maybe it's a both/and: Normal IS bizarre.

Carverlane said...

Well, I'm gonna stayed tuned cuz I find your bizarre life fascinating!

Kim from sAn Antonio

Syd said...

I put too many feelings on my blog I think. But then I really don't care--it's what I am thinking/feeling at the time. Some days I have nothing to say and other days too much. It's about balance right? I like bizarre by the way.

Shannon said...

blogs ARE WEIIIRD! I mean, we put it out there, then we hold back, then we put it out there, then we try to sensor it... oh well it is a blog, do with it whatcha want! but I get what you are sayin
loved idol last night

wendy said...

I was hoping for an update on how your daughter was doing. I hope she is doing well despite some lame-ass customer causing her difficulties. (older ladies complaining about dinner rolls did this to me at a restaurant once so I think your story hit a sore spot)

Glad to hear you got the car back - that much to fix a door though, that's crazy. My 30K checkup on the Porsche is about the same - I feel like I'm getting some value now.

Hope you are enjoying the last of the American Idol auditions - now on to Hollywood!

Hope you had a good day Mary. Thanks for being here everyday...