Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Good Day

I got up at 3:15 this morning - the power going out again woke me. Since I couldn't go back to sleep, I decided to head to the pool. I had intended to swim for an hour and a half, but could only make it for 45 minutes. So after work today I loaded my bike into my SUV and headed down to a large park with lots of roads safe for bikers. I rode for 45 minutes in the 93º heat. It was wonderful.

I am very tired now, in the best possible way. I am going to go to bed and I bet I sleep all night. Tomorrow I will leave work early and go see a chiropractor. I haven't seen one of those since I had a bad experience with one in the early 80s. My running coach highly recommended her. I am paying out of pocket - which is something I better get used to now that we have "free" health care post health care reform.

I need to return a call to a sponsee... then I can go to bed.

Grateful for:
Healthy legs
Living in Colorado (the only state in the union with an obesity rate of under 20%)
Living in the Denver area with some of the finest bike paths on earth
Ceiling fans
White cotton sheets
White puffs of clouds in the blue sky
A hearing loss that allows me to not be too bothered by barking dogs
A boss who returned from vacation today (YAY)
Air Conditioning if I should decide to turn it on
Another sober day

All the things that God has provided for me today...

Thank you.


dAAve said...

That's plenty to be grateful for. On any day.

I used a chiropractor several times a week for almost a year back about 10 years ago. He worked miracles for my slipped L5 vertebrae and pinched nerve.

Syd said...

Chiropractors rock, especially the old fashioned back cracking ones.

Got your comment and undoubtedly there are exceptions. The fellow I talked to was explaining his way of thinking when he was actively drinking. It mirrors behavior that I experienced in my relationships. I did not intend to stereotype all alcoholics.

Pam said...

A/C is a special gift directly from God. Well, maybe it was just a special gift to Houston. ;)
Your endurance is inspiring!

Brad said...

Wow, it has taken me a couple of months to muster up the courage to use my apartment complex's free gym. I can't even imagine having the kind of morning you had!

Good luck with the chiropractor!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Always be sure you consume enough fluids. A friend, your age & mine had to go to hospital. Turned out it was dehydration...He just did not realize it. Was out after a few hours after re-hydration fluids. He gave up drinking alcohol 15 years ago. He did not have a problem with it but said it was expensive and stupid. So true as it steals hours of wonderful life.

Mary Christine said...

Oh yes, I am always careful to stay hydrated. Thank you!