Friday, July 02, 2010

San Antonio

There are absolutely no words to describe the experience of being at my first International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Here is as close as I can come: I am grateful to be a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. More grateful than words can begin to describe. I have a renewed appreciation for how huge this fellowship is. And what a miracle it is that we are all sober.

Everywhere you turn in this town, we are greeted by people wearing their lanyards and name badges (and yes! we do need our stinkin' badges!) stating their first names and where they are from. It is amazing to see all these faces, names, and places. I have stopped plenty and talked about where they are from - Oh! I lived there! etc. I sat down for a while and waited for my daughter last night - and struck up conversations with people - perfect strangers, and yet, we are not.

I have also run into people I do know, and what a joy that is. Some of them I have found know my daughter and myself - and that is always fun to see them look at both of us and see a dawning awareness of kinship. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree is a common response.

I got to see Dave last night - he is just as much an old friend as the others - which always surprises me a little. We met right here, in blogland. But we have met many times since - in 'real' life. He is a wonderful man, and someone I consider a real friend.

Speaking of 'real' life - I better get to it. There is a whole city full of the fellows of Alcoholics Anonymous, and I need to be out there amongst 'em.


AnyEdge said...

How wonderful Mary. I'm jealous.

Carrie Burtt said...

You don't know how encouraging your posts are to me. Sharing your experiences in AA is not just a healing process for you, but also for those that you share it with.
Thank you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being here at my first International Convention is the most exciting happening of my whole life!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Soak it all up!

Syd said...

I think that it all sounds great. So many sober people is truly a miracle. I am really glad for you and them.

Anonymous said...

That is great, thank you for posting. Great picture, enjoy yourself!!

Scott said...

I envy your experience... San Antonio is so beautiful, AA is so wonderful... I am glad you got to go... and seeing dAAve makes it all the more wonderful, he really is a great fellow!

Mama Dukes said...

shit! I was there and didn't think to get to you to say hey meet me somewhere. I may have passed you on the street or sat in a workshop and you might have been there. shit

Well, I'm happy you got to be there and so did I. Maybe next time...2015 in Atlanta baby!