Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Morning

This is a photo from my bike ride yesterday. I am blessed to live near a park with miles and miles of roads with virtually no motorized vehicle traffic, just bicycle traffic. When people from "not around here" visit my home, they nearly always comment on the amount of bicyclers and runners they see. It gives me a warped sense of my fitness level. I think I am a bit of a slouch - to the rest of the world someone who works out for 3 and a half hours on a Saturday morning just might be considered a jock. I wouldn't consider myself such. For one thing, I certainly don't look like one! But I was thrilled to have accomplished most of what I set out to do yesterday. I just had to cut the bike ride short - to an hour and a half - it was 102º, and I am not talking 'heat index,' I am talking real degrees. I am pleased as punch about my workout.

Last night at church the homily was about honoring the sabbath. I love to hear that. I need to be reminded that God himself wants me to take a day off. I shall do that today.

I am heading out this morning to a 7:30 meeting across town. It is my friend John's 3rd birthday. I was talking with a friend on the phone last night who said "It SHOULD be his 14th or 15th birthday." Well, yes, and every single person who needs to get sober SHOULD get sober and stay sober and life SHOULD be wonderful every single day of the week. And then there is reality. I am just so very grateful that he is alive and celebrating 3 blessed years of sobriety. And so is he.

And then I am meeting a friend to go to a movie. There is a theater with a $4 movie at 10 in the morning on the weekends. It is so much fun to go to these. We frequently just see whatever movie is playing at that time... sometimes there isn't much of a choice. But I looked last night and noticed that the movie I want to see (Inception) is playing. I hope my friend agrees!

Life as a sober woman is so very good. (It probably is if you are a man too, but I can't speak to that.)


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

It is good. Sometimes I complain but God always gives me more opportunities to see how much love and grace my life is filled with.

I am so grateful for a beautiful life today!

Scott said...

That's a mighty fine workout indeed, wow!

I kinda took yesterday off lol so, I guess I better get back at it today after Mass? Ian and I hung out together most of the day and evening yesterday. It was really nice but I got nothing done lol.

Enjoy your day off MC!

Syd said...

Sounds like a good day. The should are easy to say but not helpful. I am glad that John is sober.

Willa said...

Someone has to always keep the score, don't they? (Those folks are in this town as well)

Well, we have to accept today as it is and go on.

Enjoy your day, Mary and the movie sounds fun! My boyfriend wants to see that particular one.

dAAve said...

Your weather is just too hot there.