Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sitting in Meetings with People

(I think I am on a taking photos of old fence posts kick again. I love all of the old fence posts I see as I run around my neck of the woods)

Yesterday I wrote about being surprised that a sponsee didn't know about a substantial chunk of my story and my history. A commenter or two wrote that they wouldn't think someone would know something about them unless they told them. I guess that makes sense. Except that this woman and I have sat in the same meetings since 1999, when she first started trying to get sober. I guess I figured that in the last eleven years, she has heard my whole story. I know she has heard me speak a couple of times. I am sure that a reasonably astute reader could tell that I don't hold back much of my story - if I am willing to post it here on the internet for all to see, surely I tell it in my face to face meetings. And I do.

But I know very well from experience that if you *only* know someone from meetings, you don't really know them at all. You can *think* you do, but if you get to know them outside the rooms, you will find that there is someone else there entirely. That is why it is important to go to coffee and social events with AA people. I have found that I really like people I would rather not like based on what they share in meetings. It is also a very good way for a newer person to become a lot less intimidated by the group. They find out we are just regular folks who eat hamburgers and laugh at stupid jokes.

I am so tired tonight I am going to bed right now. That meeting at work today took all the energy right out of me. I have another one tomorrow. And I have to run 8 miles in the morning before I even go to work.

Yeah, I really know how to enjoy myself. (yes, that is sarcasm - greek, to tear flesh)

Too tired to write.


Syd said...

I wish that we had more social events to get to know people outside of meetings. I meet with sponsees over coffee and for lunch now. It is more relaxing and seems to be less intimidating than meeting in my office.

dAAve said...

I know you.

Findon said...

Its very true Mary about not knowing the whole person just sat ina meeting. There has to be that one to one and time.

Pam said...

I'm hoping you can run safely after parading around in your new shoes...little garlic pod.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Good points about getting to know people.

We do a fellowship meeting at my house where the core sponsorship group that began the meeting cooks and provides hospitality for anyone who wants to come after our meeting.

I've never felt so connected and close to people as I have since really just opening myself and my home to friends, sharing what we have and just listening to everyone enjoy time together.

that girl said...

first, well said. second, i have almost the identical photo of a fence in my collection...