Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Injured and Tired

Yesterday I went out for a 7 mile run. At two miles I realized I needed to head home. For the last 1.5 miles, I limped. For the last .5 mile, I limped and cried. I would have happily accepted crutches from a passer-by should one have happened by and offered them.

I sent off an e-mail to my coach and although she is in Spain at this time, she rapidly answered me. Once again, I need to back off the mileage. I will swim or bike for time equivalents of my workouts until Monday - then we will re-evaluate.

So, after this nice simple omelette this morning, I will head off to a meeting, then to a busy day at work. Whenever I am at my desk, I shall have an ice pack applied.

And yes, I do cook omelettes, and nearly everything else, in a cast iron pan. I think if I had five minutes to evacuate my house, this pan might be one of the first thing I grabbed. I have used it nearly every day since I got it in 1977. They get really really good after all those years.

OK. Gotta get ready for the meeting.

"He is going to be more interested in a demonstration of our good will than in our talk of spiritual discoveries." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 77


Syd said...

I have a set of those cast iron skillets passed down from my grandparents. They are awesome. Keeping them well oiled is good.
I hope that your aching bones will be better soon. I had to cut out the running because my feet were a mess--broken toes, lost nails--you know how it goes. I am happier with the other exercise that I do--rowing, sailing, walking. More time to meditate.

Carverlane said...

That is a bummer. Fabulous-looking omelette, though!

Kim from sAn Antonio

Willa said...

Mary, I bet it is a treat to eat at your house no matter what you make!

I hope you feel better soon and can run at much as you desire.

dAAve said...

I told you to ...

Brad said...

Take care of yourself! I'm back to blogging at my site:

♥ Brad

Anonymous said...

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