Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Sunday

Today I have the tiny baby with me all day. She is not really "tiny" on the baby continuum, but she is tiny to me.  She is 16 months old, walking, and talking a little.  She has very strong opinions about some things these days.  Like washing her face.... she strongly dislikes.  She wants to listen to the recorded book with her dad's voice, so we have listened to that several (thousand) times.  She wants to sit on my lap constantly which makes writing this quite difficult.  It is lovely to have this little child here with me.  And sometimes, in just a flash of a nano-second of expression on her face, I see my son.  It makes me very happy.

My son just skyped, so we got to talk with him for a while.  It is sweet to see this little baby blowing kisses and waving to her Daddy.  He will be home in under 2 months.  I will be very happy when he  leaves that part of the world and comes home.

Yesterday morning after my run, I went to a meeting I have never been to before. I was feeling shaky after the run in memory of the woman who was abducted and murdered.  I was glad I went though.  It would have felt very bad to stay at home and feel like I am so hobbled by my experience.  So, I went, but I did feel shaky.

At the meeting a man was celebrating a year of sobriety.  His sponsor was there and brought him a beautiful cake.  There was another man celebrating two years.  It was a nice meeting.  I think I will go back to that meeting.

So, it is another Sunday morning.  People are waking up sober.  Grandmothers are watching their babies.  The Sun is shining.  Sober people are going to AA meetings.  People are celebrating sober birthdays.  Families are reunited.  Children aren't worried about their parents being drunk.

If I needed reassurance that we have a God who loves us very much, the above paragraph would do the trick!


Syd said...

Sounds like a really good day with the baby. It is so cold here! But at least there is no snow!

ScottF said...

Thank you MC, for reminding me just how much God loves us all :-)

Enjoy your day, my friend!

dAAve said...

I woke up sober too.

Pammie said...

I've been reading every day sugar...just running by without commenting (well you know I'm not really running!)
16 month olds can wear a woman out faster than a long run!!!
I'm still so proud of you in the new job mymary.