Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Table for One

My kids used to say something funny when someone was being particularly cynical - "Bitter, party of one?"  I loved that.

I am not bitter.  But I am tired.  I went up on the roof of my building today and took some photos, just because I needed to get away from my desk.  I am really enjoying being downtown.  It is so different from where I have worked for so long.  But it is nice.  I can walk to the Cathedral for Mass at lunch, and I  just realized there are confessions every day at 11:30 - so I can go to confession straight from work if I start talking crap about someone!   I can walk to the nail salon and get a manicure.  I can walk to about a thousand restaurants.  There is even an AA meeting at noon within walking distance.  I have not yet gone there.  I am sure I will.

I did go to the pool this morning before work.  And then, because I didn't exactly follow the schedule I had planned, I drove to work and paid $6.50 for parking.  And it was worth every cent of it.  It was nice to leave when I felt like it and walk to my car and drive home.  I stopped at the grocery store and bought a nice salmon fillet for dinner.  Salmon fillet, edamame, and small red potatoes.  Oh, it was lovely.

Now I must go to sleep.

I will first say a prayer and thank God for another day of sobriety.  They told me when I was new to ask him in the morning and thank him at night.  It has been working for me, so I think I will just keep right on doing it.


Syd said...

Sounds like it was a good day. I like that Denver skyline. The downtown area is nice.

bugerlugs63 said...

Hi . . . I've been reading for some time. Now just a quick comment to let you know I've been doing the same . . . Asking Him in the morning and thanking him at night . . . It's only been a week (off H) but I look at your many years of sobriety and think it's beautiful that you don't take one day of it of granted. I lpve reading here. Thanks.

dAAve said...

It seems like a good fit.

Pammie said...

Maybe a once a week car trip to work would be manageable.
I think I would enjoy all those things close to my job too!
Thinking of you my mary.

Anonymous said...

What about packing a lunch to take somewhere quiet to eat every day and spending the lunch money on parking instead. It seems to make a real difference for you, and it might be worth it. So happy you are enjoying the new jobb.

Mary LA said...

I love the way you have found new routines and new pleasures to go along with this new job. A good skill in sobriety.

Annette said...

I was just thinking about if you were to drive to work if it would be easier on you. Maybe just a once in a while thing and it could make the whole transition to the new schedule easier.
I love that bugerlugs63 is here reading too... :o)