Friday, February 03, 2012

Snow Day

Photo of snow from my warm window - I am not going out there!  
It is snowing like crazy outside.  I brought my computer home last night, so I am working from home.  I love this.  If I had my old job, I would be expected to be there at 10 o'clock this morning.  They have officially declared a "delayed start," where almost the rest of the state is simply closed for a snow day.  I, however, can work at home and that is awesome.   I have not even heard a shovel outside, no one in the neighborhood has  gone out and tried to dig out.  There is no point in shoveling since it is still coming down and blowing into drifts.  Yikes!  They just shut down I-70!  Now, THAT is serious!

I just had a long chat with the sponsee I mentioned yesterday.  I talked to her about choosing what she focuses on.  She made some outrageous statements and I did some reality testing with her.  Like "I am as poor as a person can be!"  I told her that was simply not the truth and told her why.  She agreed.  I told her she has simply got to stop telling herself all of this awful stuff that isn't even the truth.

Early on in sobriety, somehow I learned that I could decide how I wanted to look at things.  I am not saying that I am always on the sunny side, because I am not.  I have to work to maintain a positive attitude - it is not my nature.  But thanks to years of practice, I have learned that I CAN choose how I respond to life.  Life will always have its challenges, but I can decide whether that will make me or break me.  Prayer and meditation also helps with this greatly.  I cannot start a day without prayer and expect that it is going to be good.

I am happy, happy, happy to be sitting in my nice warm house, looking out at the snow.  I am happy that I have work that I enjoy that I can do right here at my dining room table.  I am also happy that after living in this house for over ten years, I have just started using the gas fireplace in my living room, it makes me warm, cozy, and well, happy!!!  I have no idea why I have only used this on rare occasions (like Christmas) before this year.

Today I am thanking God for too many blessings to count.  But Number One is my sobriety.  I think, with gratitude I will likely stay sober today and I hope you all do too.


Annette said...

I LOVE snow day when I stay home. Bless you today MC. Enjoy that fireplace!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like God gave you what you needed to balance out a new schedule this week and to be able to do it in the comforts of your own home, that is great!

dAAve said...

WAAAAAAY too much snow.

I think it's great that you can work from home now. Be careful about letting that interfere with any personal life you have. I speak from experience.

Gas fireplace. Good. That reminds me ... I think I'll have some mexican food for dinner.

Syd said...

I would like a snowy day because we have had so little winter. I am not complaining but do know that it will be hot all too soon. I do love a fire in the fireplace!

Kary May said...

I've been watching it snow up there from down here in MX. Crazy as it sounds, I kind of wish I was up in my cabin in the mountains sitting by a fire watching it snow. Stay warm and stay home.