Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Tiny Grateful List

  • For the bus driver this morning who drove so carefully and got us all where we needed to be
  • For the freedom to work at home tomorrow
  • For my daughters, who will be celebrating another birthday next week
  • For the Ethiopian Restaurant where we love to have a birthday dinner (tomorrow night)
  • For a nice bed that awaits me now
  • For a book on - right now it is War and Remembrance by Herman Wouk
  • That World War II is over
  • That I live in a country that doesn't ask me what religion I am  
  • In fact, that I got to spend all of Weds. afternoon with ashes all over my forehead - and people were, for the most part, respectful of that (cultural sensitivity anyone?)
  • That my son and daughter in law are only a few weeks out from a second honeymoon in Ireland - they will meet there when he leaves Afghanistan. - other grandmother will keep baby.  
  • For my big sister who gave me some sage advice recently: Don't tell them how old your kids are!  That's as good as telling them how old YOU are!  I don't look 60, so I am going to stop telling people I am.
  • For a loving God who helps me through each living day, sober.
  • For loving people in my life - 
  • Including my Blogger Pals.


Syd said...

A good list. I am glad that the bus driver got you to where you needed to be safely. What a winter you have had!

Ethiopian food is wonderful. We really like it. My wife taught school there for several years when she was just out of college.

Have a great day at home, enjoying your lovely house, MC.

Pammie said...

I love your list it contains good in a full circle.

dAAve said...

I like you and Syd and Pammie.
I don't recall hearing about your big sister. But then, I don't recall what I did yesterday.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) This is a great list :)

wendy said...

Your post helped me think of small bits of gratitude first thing in the morning. thanks for the nudge. Have a great day and birthday dinner, tomorrow.

Alex P. said...

Being sober has really changed me a lot in the past few years. Because of many alcohol training courses that aided me in changing to a better person.

Anonymous said...

My mother was 14, in Germany, when WWII ended. She said they were cold and hungry.

The oldest of five, she also assumed care for her four younger siblings. When I get upset with her, I try to remember what that must have been like...ushering her brothers and sisters into the root cellar when the bombers came.

Good tip from sis;)

Annette said...

I love Audible....its my new discovery. :o)

A beautiful gratitude list. Bless that bus driver real good because he brought you back to us at the end of the day safe and sound.

Vanessa said...

I am so grateful that I made my way back to your blog. I have been reading about your life for years and I have come to really enjoy every one of your sober days. I am three days sober and have been to three AA meetings.

Hope you have a wonderful day.