Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogging in Bed

The church where my niece got married last spring.  It is atop a high mesa in New Mexico.  When you are on that mesa you can pretend you are on the plains, but there is something so different about the air there, you really can never fully fool yourself.  I used to go there and try to pretend I was back home on the plains when I had moved to NM from the midwest back in the 70s.  I think if I drank enough beer I could believe anything.  (Like that it was safe to drive, that I was charming when "tipsy," etc.)

I am in bed because I fully intend to be asleep by 7:30 p.m.  I would like to get one ten hour of sleep night and this is my big chance.  I have a date tomorrow night and I have the baby all day Sunday.  All good things that will keep me awake.

I would like to get a Valentine's Day gift for the fella, but I have no clue.  Maybe I can find a way to go shopping tomorrow.

That's about it.  I'm tired.  I'm grateful.  I'm sober.  I trust in an infinite God rather than my finite self.  It works better that way - or I might find myself drunk enough to try to believe a mesa at 8,000 feet is a prairie in the midwest.

Not today I won't.  Today I will rest my sober head on my sober pillow and drift off to sober dreamy land.


dAAve said...

I would leave a comment except I think you're already asleep.

Syd said...

That is a pretty photo. My wife gets me a card and we go out to dinner. That is enough for me.

atomic momma said...

Does the Fella read? A book is always a good idea. I lovelovelove food gifts.

ScottF said...

hopefully you awoke rested and ready to roll!