Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saddy Morning

I'm going out in a minute to meet my running club.  My training plan says I am doing 5 miles today.  After two years of training for marathons, it is hard to get excited about 5 miles.  But it is good.  I registered for a June half marathon that sounds like a lot of fun.  It starts at a ski area at 10,000 ft. elevation, and descends to a little mountain town at 8,500 ft.  If I train well, I may be able to get a PR.   This race is two weeks after my olympic distance triathlon.  Now, THAT, I am nervous about.

Yesterday I went to a meeting at my old workplace.  It was nice to visit with some friends after the meeting.  But the oddest thing is that as I drove up the road to the hospital, as I had for over 17 years, there was no joy that filled my heart.  There was no excitement.  There was just a sort of sick feeling.   The good things there, for me, are in the past.  I have wonderful memories of when the hospital was still large, I had many friends there, and seemed to have a good career ahead of me.  In the last 5 years, all that changed.  I thank God I was able to leave - because it was difficult.

I think my blog has turned into a bit of a bore - with me perseverating on change.  Oh, and how tired I am.  But the change in my life is massive.  It is not only my workplace and how that has affected my schedule and sleep routine, but I also am no longer able to get to the AA meeting I picked up during the week.  Mind you, I didn't like and don't much miss it... but I am still figuring out my meeting schedule too.  It's weird to be 60 years old, 27 years sober, and have everything be new again.  But it is good.

Gotta go.  I hope you all have a wonderful, sober day - and I hope I do too.  By the grace of God, I will likely stay sober.  xoxoxo, MC


Anonymous said...

My grandmother and mother were/are all about change. They taught me to seize the day by their actions, not words. I'm grateful the women in my life modeled this zest for life. It leaves little time for blaming them for their mistakes.

Go for the PR, my friend!

Syd said...

Sounds like change for the better. I had the same feeling when I went back to the Lab. I no longer felt good going back.

Annette said...

Your blog is not boring. Besides its your space to say what you want. Its our choice to read here or not. I keep choosing to come back. :o)

Running at 10,000 feet elevation would be incredibly diffcult/winding imo. Of course I have never run at that elevation...I have hiked though and that was tough. At least you will be going downhill! Always a a positive.

dAAve said...

I should know this, but I don't. What is PR?

New is good.

You are NOT boring. We've been through this before, young woman.

Anonymous said...

Just found you by the grace of God (and grateful that you mention Him so often!)...too many blog folks are bitter (but sober) and funny (to the point of being perverse). You are a breath of fresh air...thank God :)