Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nice Day

Obviously, this photo was not taken today, but one fine day last summer.  I am so ready for some flowers and sunshine.

But today was a nice day.  I had a very productive meeting and then another meeting at the hospital where I worked for so many years.  I sat next to my old boss who was awful to me and actually thought "I don't have to be nice to you anymore."  Then I probably looked at him and smiled.  Oh, if he could only read my mind!  I don't have to be nasty to him either, but it is nice to know that he is no longer such a big player in my life.

I got to join in a party for Mr. Potato Head which was great fun.  There were party prizes - I won a potato!  Others won potato chips, a potato peeler, etc.  It was just silly.  And that was good.
And now I get to sit in my favorite chair, in front of the fireplace ablaze, and watch American Idol!  I already have a favorite.  Heejun Han.  Anyone who can say this with a straight face is my kind of guy:

Ryan Seacrest:  "What are you sweating most tonight?"
Heejun Han:      "Mostly water."

And he can sing!

I need to find the joy where I can.  And this is it for today!


Syd said...

Nice to not have to walk on eggshells around the old boss. I don't do that well. Glad that you will have a relaxing evening. That fire sounds wonderful.

Pammie said...

I'll bet the old boss is jealous that you found a way out!
We are having beautiful tiny yellow and white wild flowers popping up everywhere! Love the nail polish. Get the tattoo.

shadowlands said...

Hi MC, thanks for stopping by today. I am doing ok! God bless. Ros xx

Anne said...

Hi Mary Christine,

I'm a writer who is working on a chapter for a book to be published by a non-profit addictions hospital in Canada. I found your blog and was struck by your commitment to updating it over many years. Many professionals would be interested in learning more about the use of social media among those recovering from addictions. I'd be very interested in speaking with you if you would be open to it. You can reach me at mhadwriter (at)

Thank you!

P.S. On a personal note, I absolutely love your photography.

Vanessa said...

A Mr. Potato Head party!! When you were talking about it in earlier posts, I thought it was a nickname for someone....LOL.

Glad you got some sillyness in your day. I wish we had cold weather to be able to enjoy a fire. We got our gas logs in this fall and only used the fireplace twice :( Have a great sober rest of your day!

Lou said...

potato head reminded me of this post written by an old man who writes a blog called "the problem with young people today".


ScottF said...

It's an interesting group this year on AI. I haveent really watched but for a few snippets here and there. I'm anxious to get to know these kids.