Monday, March 20, 2006


Today begins my vacation. My class starts today. I also just discovered that the "Big Event" I have been waiting for at work starts today - really my whole reason for existence at work. It is an unannounced thing - my boss assured me that I needed to carry on with my life and not hold off vacations, etc., for an unannounced event. Whoda thunk it would happen on the one week I am not there? Out of all the weeks that I am? And on a day when no one is going to be on time because the roads are horrible?

I am going to go to my class and try my best to forget what is going on at the hospital. This is going to really be a spiritual exercise. Get rid of my ego and the thought that I am so indispensible to the hospital that I should come in even though I have made other plans. I also left everything on my desk, everything is in order so that others can go forward with what needs to be done. I need to LET GO.

I will now go outside and shovel some snow. And let go. let go. let go. let go.


dAAve said...

there is life inside the hospital


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for my first laugh of the day dAAve.

Scott said...

HOW DARE they schedule something major when you are set to be on vacation? DONT THEY KNOW WHO YOU ARE?? he he, enjoy your snowy vacation.. letting go is tuff, I empathize!

Alexis said...

LOL!! Isn't that the way it goes?!?! Enjoy your vacation! You've earned it. The hospital employs lots of grown ups, and they can handle it, whether they act like it when you're around is another matter, but they really can! : )

Shannon said...

loet it go let it go let it go... thats funny because I will sing that to myself when I need to let it go... well have a good spiritual workout! and enjoy your vacation

Santa said...

I am with you how dare they do a big event without me. I am so important.

It is nice to know that the world can go on without us. Some of us could really have it messed up. Today I am so glad I am not in charge.

Enjoy your vacation I will be looking forward to hearing about this icon thing you are doing.


Ahhhhhh letting go. One of my favorite things to do when my body lets me.
Shoveling snow.......frig that!
I hope you class went well I can wait to hear about it.
I see you,

Da Gal said...

Is it gone yet? Does it have claw marks on it?

I hope that talking about "it" and sharing "it." Took some of "it's" power away.

Enjoy your vacation and all that it beholds.


Trudging said...

Ah letting go...sometimes it is easy for me but, mostly I struggle.