Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunny Friday Morning

And I am about to pack up my cat in her little carrier and take her to the Dumb Friends League. I am grateful that I have all the requisite papers, and that I could locate them without a problem. Certificates of vaccination and sterilization, etc.

I saw Janine last night. She looks fine, thank God. She agreed that Minerva needed to be out of here. A neighbor wanted to talk me out of this on Tuesday night. She came over to say hi to Minerva. They have been great buddies, this neighbor cat-sits when I take vacations. The cat hissed at her and took a chomp out of her hand. Once again, blood dripping all over the place, and my neighbor changed her mind. I woke up this morning and thought - I can be late for work. I can do this now. I am going to do this now.

Went to a great meeting last night. Had pizza with the smaller (after my sponsor moved) gang after the meeting. It is good to be sober. It is good to be a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. No matter what happens, life is good.


dAAve said...

I'm so sorry you must lose your cat. I know it hurts. But it certainly sounds like it's the right thing to do, in this case.
When the time is right, your HP will put another companion in your life. One that won't bite your friends.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Alexis said...

"No matter what" is so true! Have a great weekend! You've got such strength!

AAwoken said...

Sorry, cat must go. It is a shame but barring psychotherapy (my wife's uncle pays for this for all four of his cats) or severe behavior modification meds, it's either your serenity or the cat's.

YOU prifle pic was the inspiration when I took the shadow shot. UNfortunately, it needed lots of help to make it interesting.


Wow...I didn't realize you were having troubles with your cat. I'm sorry. I've got two myself...well..they are the girls but I take care of them.
Have a great weekend.
I see you,

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Sorry that you had to make the tough decision on your cat. It reminds me a little bit of some the men and women we see in the rooms, and then not. You tried your best to make a good home for Minerva, it didn't work out. Don't beat yourself up over it.

Since you asked, My wife and I are speaking at the monthly Al-Anon AA speakers meeting at Englewood United Methodist, 3885 S. Broadway, corner of Broadway and Mansfield, Park in NW parking lot on Acoma, use NW door.

Refreshments (including Birthday cake) and my scary sponsor will probably be there as well.

It's the first Sat of every month, and a great place to take family.

Please say hi if you get the chance to come over.

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