Thursday, March 16, 2006

hAApy St. pAAdy's dAAy

It is half nAAked thursday, go see the more creative people here.

It is a beautiful day, I just woke up. I got a good night's sleep last night in spite of extremely high winds. Before I feel asleep, I did think a bit about the $1,000 deductible on my homeowners policy. Maybe I should change that.

Yesterday I spent some time on a geriatric inpatient psychiatric unit. After spending some time there, I left with a newfound gratitude for my peaceful office, my high heel shoes, my ability to walk really really fast, and even though my family situation is not the best right now, there is no one who is raving, screaming, swearing, and babbling. Thank you God.

Life is good. No matter what. I better get a move on it. It is almost 7:00 a.m., and I am still sitting here in my boxers and tee-shirt.


dAAve said...

I haven't babbled in 2 years, 6 months and 12 days.


Can I wear those with my tacky green cowboy hat?
I see you,

Alexis said...

Isn't it awesome how seeing some people really bad off makes you SOOO grateful for your regular life and regular sized problems! I love it! and the Shamrocks : )

Shannon said...

I am glad to hear your gratitude!!!! its soo good to hear it all the time!!!

I hope you can lower your ded with out paying too high a premiums...

have a great day

love the shamrocks!

Shannon said...

daave you crack me up!!!!

Trudging said...


Sober Chick said...

hAAppy st. pAAty's dAAY!

Love the bottoms. It is amazing how someone's elses situation can bring us back to a state of gratitude. I experienced this yesterday. On the other side of the freeway there was a horrible accident, a rig and an SUV. The SUV rolled, all windows shattered. I was gonna be late 4 woirk cuz of the traffic but did not care. I was praying to God to keep over those in that accident -- cuz in a few seconds there lives have changed.