Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday Morning

I got up early this morning and headed out to a meeting and then to church. It was good to go to both. At the meeting, there was a woman who was celebrating 2 years of sobriety. Unfortunately, she has stopped going to meetings. There is definitely a difference between people who go to meetings and people who don't. (meeting makers make it, etc.) I hope she will start going to meetings again so that she can regain her happiness and regain a chance to stay sober.

My son just called for the first time since he left. It was good to talk to him. He is in Texas. He will know soon when he is going to Iraq. He sounds good. He will have his internet hooked up tomorrow, so I will be able to send him e-mail. I am so glad he called.

I have already started watching CMT videos instead of CNN. I am now Tivo-ing the top 20 so that I can watch it whenever I want. I will have to learn what all those channels I pay each month to receive by satellite are! Like Lifetime, or the Weather Channel, or Discovery... I will find out what they are. I have been a one or possibly two channel person for years. It is a sickness with me and CNN. Sometimes I switch to Fox News (especially after handsome Bill Hemmer went there).

Okay. Now I will do my tenth tradition post. My blog is entitled "Anonymous Alcoholic". I think that is really egomaniacal of me, but I did it anyway. Since my blog isn't named Mary Christine's frolics in the sun, and somewhere along the way says "oh, by the way, I am a recovering alcoholic," I don't think I can really say much other than recovery stuff. A lot of folks stumble onto my blog by searching things like "desperate alcoholic," "how do you know you are an alcoholic," "what do I do if my son is an alcoholic," "abandon yourself to God," and an almost all-time favorite "hungry, angry, lonely, tired." I think I have a responsibility to not be terribly offensive, and to make sure that my blog directs a person to AA. If I also say that I am an AA member and I have been sober by the Grace of God since July 24, 1984, that is good. If I say that AA works, and it is a good idea to not drink, go to meetings, read the big book, get a sponsor, and pass it on - that is good. If there is a link to AA on my sidebar, and a link to the big book online, that is good. There are links to other recovering alcoholics' blogs on the side too.

I talk about my life as a recovering alcoholic. It is not terribly exciting. It is mostly fairly wonderful though. I think we share our stories so that people can see that we just keep coming back and don't drink no matter what. Life can be wonderful in the middle of the worst tragedies and heartaches, if you are practicing these principles in all your affairs - to the best of your ability. I hope I never sound like I think I am the epitome of recovery, because that is surely not the case. But I have been living this way for a while and I like to share about it. I mostly hope that my story gives hope to others.

I have taken off links to blogs that frequently go off on political tangents. I am as political as the next guy, in fact, probably more so. But that is not what I am doing here. This is about recovery from alcoholism, a progressive, fatal illness. If I piss off half of the people who come to see my blog, what good is that?

I probably get close to that line with religion, but I never say WHAT religion I am, just that I go to church, etc. It wouldn't take Einstein to figure it out in about 10 seconds, but I try to keep my sharing on it limited to the fact that it is important to me. It Has NOT ONE THING TO DO WITH AA. If anyone had told me I had to go to church when I got sober, I would have run the other way. That was the last thing I wanted to do, I was sober for almost a decade before I went back to church. Thank God you wonderful people in Alcoholics Anonymous didn't make too hard of demands on me. Just these simple things:

Don't Drink.
Go to Meetings.
Get a Sponsor.
Read the Big Book.
Keep Coming Back. It works. It really does.


Santa said...

My heart and prayers are with you and your son. I think that your icon is absolutely wonderful. I had no idea you had such a wonderful gift with art.


I see you,
PS: Your icon looks GREAT! And to think I paint trees.

dAAve said...

I definitely stray from just posting recovery-related material. I like to include some humor (at least it is in my warped mind) which is my way of balancing my writing.
I only hope that those who read me consistently know that sobriety is my priority. Recovery takes many forms.

Anonymous said...

An honest post is wonderful to read...well said!
Thanks for sharing ~

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Today is my first day on blogs, as I decided it would be a good way to read about other alcoholics, their program, and perhaps meet a few who ride Motorcycles. I put a link on my blog to yours as it is a good un. I hope that's ok.

Mike L
Sober 361 days today....

Trudging said...

I stray all the time. Oh well...

AAwoken said...


Crap someone already said that.

Amen anyway.

Alexis said...

In case nobody told you today - you are wonderful! Thanks for the directions! I need to remember those 5 simple things : ) no matter how long I am sober!

Shannon said...

so much good stuff in this post, glad you shared it... my favorite quote(amoung many) in the BIG BOOK is, "it works it really does!" the first time I read that I said, yea IT DOES... simply to put it.... LOL

I too never thought I would go to church and I try not to be preachy or say anything that may deter another alcoholic, because that would of freaked me out if I heard people talking about chruch in a meeting...

and for some people, they are sober many many many years and happy in sobriety and do not go to church, and that ROCKS TOO because they have a HP...

thanks for sharing this haave a greaat daay

Frunobulax57 said...

Someone told me not long ago that they were uncomfortable with the slogan "meeting makers make it."

I am too, but only in-as-far-as it implies that meeting attendence is all I need to concern myself in order to stay sober. I love going to meetings today, whereas prior to recovering , I secretly watched the clock and eagerly anticipated the end of the meetings. I am at a point where I am no longer meeting dependent to stay sober, but God dependent instead.

I know that the groups are more than people gatherings. They are living, breathing spiritual entities where our message of hope can be announced to a sufferer of this disease My article in the September issue of Grapevine expounds more on this. If interested, feel free to read it in this groups FILES section found to the left on your screen.

I found it interesting that as life throws its curves and bumps in front of me, there is no longer the urge to "get to a meeting" to settle myself. I no longer get "squirrelly" if I miss a few days, or even a week of meetings. As far as I know, no one regularly characterizes me as a "serene" man. But certainly I do KNOW serenity, which is one of the hundreds of promises made to me by the authors or the Big Book provided I take other simple steps. (And in the case of "knowing serenity", made my amends)

If to lack of a meeting began to once again affect my serenity, I’d have to take a real serious look at my spiritual condition. Being dependent upon meetings to keep my head on straight doesn't sound like very much freedom to me.


Danny S

Anonymous said...

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