Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday March 22

"You cannot have a spiritual need which God cannot supply. Your fundamental need is a spiritual need, the need of power to live the good life. The best spiritual supply is received by you when you want it to pass on to other people. You get it largely by giving it away. God gives you strength as you pass it on to another person. That strength means increased health; increased health means more good work, and more good work means more people helped. And so it goes on, a constant supply to meet all spiritual needs."
Twenty-Four Hours a Day.

It is Wednesday of my vacation week. The icon class is very intense. There are some very lovely women in the class, some of whom I am getting to know. As an alcoholic who has had a VERY checkered past, it is so nice to just sit with all these "nice" churchy people and feel like I fit in. Oh sure, if I told them all the details of my sordid past I wouldn't fit in very well - but based on the person I am today, I feel very comfortable. Only by the Grace of a Loving God can I have the life I have and be the person I am today.



You fit in with me sweetie!
I see you,

psychbaby said...

Isn't it funny how when we reflect on where we were, and how things are right now? Amazing.

(At first I thought you said "nice *crunchy* people" - ha!)

sirreene said...

See? You are exactly where you are supposed to be ~ with the Church people.

Alexis said...

I love it how I can compare what I feel my insides are to somebody elses outside..... : ) you fit in! You do! I believe in you! Have a wonderful time in that class.

Shannon said...

I love hearing that and sooo know what you mean... show us some of your work when you get done... enjoy that vacation

I take it you didnt go to Puerto Rico

dAAve said...

Oh, go ahead. Tell 'em. Have some fun!

Santa said...

Maybe we grow and change so much in our program that we just don't look like we have a sordid past. Or maybe we live long enough that no one can remeber that we had one because they have gotten so used to seeing who we have become.

But I did like what daave had to say. You would have to make sure there was an ambulance near before you said anything. Where we come from would put some people into cardiac arrest. Oh it is just fun to think about their reactions.

Tab said...

What can be better in life than to feel very comfortable..
Awesome post!
Thanks for sharing~

Scott W said...

You'd be surprised at some of the sordid pasts of those church people. By the way, sometime rent the movie "Sordid Lives", guaranteed laughs!!!