Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Looking Forward...

Pictures from last year's Triathlon. I am training to do my third triathlon in August. This is a happy, happy part of my life. One of my daughters completed the triathlon with me last summer. The other daughter came to cheer us on, and decided she wants to do it this year. We are all registered and we are planning our first bike ride together on Sunday. I need to focus on happy, happy parts of my life right now.

When I was drinking, I would run almost every morning. I would consider it getting rid of the "toxins" in my body. I also smoked 2 packs a day. I always said I was "gonna" do this race or that race, but somehow I never even registered for one single race. When I was sober almost 3 years, I registered and completed my first race, it was the 10K Bolder Boulder. As I ran to the finish line in Folsom Stadium, I wept huge tears of joy. I had actually done something I said I was going to do! I ran the entire race with a cigarrette and matches in my little pink running shorts pocket. I lit up after the race. I think it is illegal to light up anywhere in Boulder, Colorado these days, but this was back in the 80s. Finishing that race was a golden moment. I have done many races since then. In fact, there used to a be a little group of us who would leave the 7:30 a.m. meeting and run, and we would do races all over the state. It was really fun.

Update on Janine: She says she is fine. The worst scratch is under her eye. She says it is OK, not infected. When I called the vet, she recommended a pet behavioral specialist. I don't think so.


dAAve said...

I have a pet behaviorial specialist.
It's at the end of my arm.

Mary Christine said...

You and me both brother!

Alexis said...

you are AWESOME! You are an inspiration! How cool that you finished! How cool that you can share it with your girls! Have a wonderful day!

Sober Chick said...

That is the coolest thing. My ideas have changed about fitness thanks to boot camp. There are so many events and it is a fellowship in itself. You meet wonderful people (many "normal" people who don't drink just because it is a health conscious decision, go figure! LOL)

Elite Fitness Boot Camp

It makes me excited to see you pumped about your training. You GO! Those pics are great.

I am gald that Janine is doing well. Has your cat acted out before or since? If the behavior is repeated then it may be a mental thing (like people some animals can have metal illnesses). My x-roomate had a vicious cat when she was a child. They had the cat since a kitten and raised it in a healthy environment. The cat would attack her legs at night causing bite and scrtach marks. Her parents had to put the cat to sleep.

I hope this does not happen in your situation. It may have been a fluke thing, cats can be so silly sometimes.


Holy cow!! I get out of breath bringing in the groceries....yeah I know I have to stop smoking.
I see you,

Anonymous said...

WOW..from smoking and drinking to
running and Triathlons..awesome.
I am starting my daily walks again and loving it..don't think I will be racing anyone anytime soon
oh yeah, the pet behaviorialist,
what kind of behavior is your pet displaying that a vet could call for such a recommendation?
I can't

Motorcycle Mike - Sober Biker said...

Wow, Triathalon???

Wave at the silver harley going by when you are running, It might be me....

Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog. This Saturday I am talking at an Al-Anon AA speakers meeting. I will be sober 1 year and two days. I have put a reminder in my notes to own up to lying when I do.

Thanks for that..


Trudging said...

I had a sponsee who took her dog to one of those pet shrinks. She tought it was worth it, I thought it was weird

Scott said...

That's really impressive... my wife used to run 5-7 miles a day, back when we were first dating 7 years ago. I never understood what drove her to do that, still don't he he, I won't run even if chased! But, I have been on the treadmill consistently, have lost 8 lbs eating right, etc. So,I do understand the benefits of taking care of one's body. It's part of recovery.