Monday, March 27, 2006

Cat Problem

My sponsee just left. She comes over most Monday nights and we read the big book. Tonight we were just talking. Out of nowhere, my cat attacked her. She scratched her eyeball, lower eyelid (the entire length of the eye), nose, and cheek. Janine had blood dripping off her face. Oh my God. I cannot have a cat that does stuff like this.

A little background. Minerva (the cat) was adopted by me on January 8, 2005. On April 23, 2005, she was in my backyard with me as I was painting the fence. She was on a harness and leash because there are wild animals around here that would enjoy a snack of kitten. Because I was painting the fence, the gate to my back yard was open, and the next thing I knew I heard a ruckus. A pit bull was in my back yard attacking this little defenseless kitten. I stood and screamed and threw things at the dog to no avail. I screamed so much that I lost my voice for over a week. My neighbor ran over and actually dragged the dog off my cat. Another neighbor came over and drove me and Minerva to the local vet. While another cadre of neighbors walked the dog around until they found his owner. (I love my neighbors.) My cat had some pretty serious injuries, and had to stay in the cat hospital for 3 days. The dog owner was very responsible and paid the bill and got rid of his dog.

However, my cat has never been right since then. I thought in time she would get more secure and be safer. But tonight I realized that she is not going to be OK. I cannot have a cat that will do something like this.

I am pretty freaked out about this. The sight of my sponsee with blood dripping from her face is something that I will not soon forget. I hope to God that those wounds heal without any infection.

I will call the vet tomorrow and get her advice as to where to go from here.

Please say a prayer for Janine if you can.

Thanks sober bloggers, you guys are the best.


Sober Chick said...

I am so sorry to hear of this incident. If your sponsee has not seen a doctor, she needs to go ASAP! Cat bites and scratches are nothing to over look. I don't mean to scare you but before I worked at a tech for 10 years and seen cat scratches on human skin turn ill. She will need to be put on antibiotics the least. I will pray for you, her and the situation.

As for kitty, that is a tough one. Definately talk to your vet -- cat's can be silly but an agressive nature is not a good situation.

Again my prayers are with you.

dAAve said...

Nothing I can add to what sober chick says.

Very unfortunate incident. Now I'm wondering exactly what you guys were reading in the Big Book that your cat didn't like.
...reaching out to others NO
...wrong perceptions NO
...the family afterward HMMMM

Shannon said...

OH NO... I am sooo sorry to read that... I wll pary for her and your kitty... I am soo sorry sendin you a hug

AAwoken said...

WOw! I don't quite know what to say. It's very tough making decisions on pets. My neighbor had a cat like that and they got some kind of wild tranquilizer for the cat. Not prozac or anything like that - when I looked it up on the internet it said for animal behavior modification or something like that. Anyway the cat was fine taking that stuff. It probably was an expensive alternative but she was a real animal lover.

Da Gal said...

prayers to you, your kitty, and your sponsee.