Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh #@%$

Taking a page from AAwoken, I decided I needed to lighten up my blog. When I changed the template, there was a little thing that told me I would lose all my formatting. Well, I like to live dangerously occassionally, so I clicked OK. All my links are gone. All my stuff. It is all gone. Crapola. What to do? Keep this garden looking thing? Go back to my black minimal thing? Yikes.


Rex said...

Hahahhahaaahahaha......did the very same thing a week or two ago! Lesson learned.

dAAve said...

I wish you had said something BEFORE you did it. You can install the new template in front of the old one, thus actually having 2 complete templates. Then copy and paste the links and other bells and buzzers you want to keep. After that's done, then you delete the old template with 2 clicks of the mouse.

Now, get started on typing those links. LOL

Mary Christine said...

OK, I can add the stuff back in (tonight), but I don't know whether I like this template or the black one.


That sucks.
I see you,