Sunday, March 25, 2007

7 songs I like to run to:

I would feel silly writing about seven songs I am "into." I am too old to be "into" anything, I think. I could be wrong though. I got tagged, but I think this meme has been about for a few days and so anyone who wishes to, may consider themselves tagged by me, but I believe anyone who wanted to participate has... again, I could be wrong... So, these are songs that are on my iPod and I find motivating to run to.

1. O Valencia, Decemberists
2. New Shoes, Paolo Nutini
3. Time is Tight, Booker T., and the MGs
4. Stop Drinking, Van Morrison
5. Tamacun, Rodrigo y Gabriela
6. Samba Pa Ti, Santana
7. Untitled Hymn, Chris Rice

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Anonymous said...

Music is great. I'll post here, anonymously, 7 songs about God / recovery that I like:

1. Be & Be Not Afraid -- Tracy Chapman
2. St. Francis -- Jill Sobule (she's got a "god-shaped hole")
3. It Is What It Is (And That's All) -- Steve Forbert
4. Falling at Your Feet -- Daniel Lanois (last line gets me every time -- "teach me to surrender / not my will / thy will")
5. Thank You for the Days -- Kirsty McColl version
6. Put Me On Top -- Aimee Mann ("or at least put some hope in the bottom of the box")
7. Just for Today -- George Harrison (and so many more by him ...)

- signed, a "relative" of Bill's, who loves your blog. :-)