Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am heading out of here for a 6:30 a.m. meeting. I normally go to this meeting on the weekend, but not weekdays...because I am normally running on the weekdays...but I ran last night...because of the time change. The sponsee I normally meet with on Tuesday evening was back in town unexpectedly so I met with her instead of going to the 5:30 meeting... and I missed it the night before because I was at the ER... EEEEK! I just want some "normal" in my life again.

The run was wonderful. For the first time since my birthday (on December 15), I ran on a dirt trail at a lake. It really is different to not be on concrete or asphalt, wonderfully different. It was in the 70s, so I had shorts and a tank top on, which felt heavenly.

"The positive value of righteous indignation is theoretical - especially for alcoholics. It leaves every one of us open to the rationalization that we may be as angry as we like provided we can claim to be righteous about it." -- As Bill Sees It, p. 58


dAAve said...

Comfort zone?
Sounds like you're out of that zone this week. Embrace it because it's different.

lushgurl said...

Hey, you have the same birthday as my (blood) sister, but we don't really get along that well, so I've decided to replace her with you!!!
You have such a full and busy life and still manage to take care of you and work your program, thanks for showing me it CAN be done , love ya lots!

Shannon said...

70's and shorts! UH! I am sooo jealous, we still have rain rain rain... we did have some sun breaks (thats what we call them here) and it was just beautiful. I tell you, this state really makes you appreciate the sun when it comes out, because on a rainy day, when the sun comes out, everything just sparkels.

things will get back to normal soon. OR this will be your new normal.

Hope you have a super good day

Anonymous said...

run forest run !

Syd said...

Hey there, I'm tagging you to write six weird things about yourself. This got started by another blogger and I've posted my weird things on my blog. Tag tagged me so I'm just passing it along! Have fun with it.

Scott said...

I am so glad your little grand-daughter is going to be ok. I bet that was quite moving to see your "little" girls take care of Madeline.

I was in shorts yesterday as well, after work. Cosmo and I got in a nice long brisk walk, that was wonderful! We had 75 degrees yesterday, we're over 70 again today! Yay God!!

I too have been feeling the love from Patrick. I havent emailed but I have publicly responded on my blog. For my time, I got another nasty post. So, from now on, he gets deleted... I just want people to know that not all Catholics and Christians believe as Patrick does!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...


Wish I could run beside you, which will be heaven! (I'm in my short only!)


Sorry I haven't been by your blog. Happy to hear your Granddaughter will be o.k. I still can't believe you are a grandmom. I love you MC.
PS: I have a gift for you that has been sitting on my desk for months now. It will get there soon.

recoveryroad said...

That sounds like a good route - dirt track by the lake. Just don't fall in and become fish food - we'd miss you!



Christine said...

wow, thats nice & warm
happy you got some peace---to run and a meeting
what's normal?

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to a run on a trail surrounded by nature.
A run on a city street doesn't come close to that. :)

I hope your family is still doing well.

lash505 said...

Just keep you head on the road ahead of you and keep running.