Friday, March 02, 2007

End of a Busy Week

This has been a good week, but it has also not been so good. I have been so busy, which is good. But I haven't been to a meeting since Tuesday, I haven't run since Tuesday, and I haven't tanned since Tuesday. There has just been too much to do to even squeeze these things into my schedule. I had planned to run this morning, but again, snow is falling. I will swim tonight after work and before the 5:30 meeting. Tomorrow will be my long run.

Yesterday was the 28th birthday of my twin daughters. It was a nice celebration. Last year my problem child showed up so high that her twin sister finally lost patience with her. It was a sad day because no matter what, those girls always stuck together. Yesterday she was not observably high and for that I am very grateful. She is 8th on a waiting list for rehab. I pray she gets into this program and stays in it. It is a 6 month program, and over the years in AA, I have seen many ladies who have gotten sober there.

Sitting in church for an hour was wonderful yesterday morning. My church sits on a hill which overlooks the front range of the rocky mountains. Yesterday was so beautiful. It was cold and windy and the snow was blowing. The streets were glare ice and it was quite a challenge to get there on time. But once I got there, walking into my beautiful church in the dark, with the snow lit by the moon, was really inspirational. The hour went so quickly. I am looking forward to doing this weekly for a year.

I really hope this snow stops. I need to get my running back on track.

"Bill was very, very grateful that he had been released from this terrible thing and he had given God the credit for having done it, and he's so grateful about it he wants to tell other people about it. That sentence, 'The Lord has been so wonderful to me, curing me of this terrible disease, that I just want to keep telling people about it,' has been sort of a golden text for the AA program and for me." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 191


lushgurl said...

You always inspire me MC to do better, to live better, to love better... thanks for being who you are!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Happy belated birthday to twin daughters. Gonna pray with you so that other daughter will get into the program and follow your foot-step.

Thank you, MC for everything.

Dharmashanti said...

Sometimes all we can manage is to escape to the ladies room for a few minutes to pray and meditate. But that very act can give you what you need to hang on for just a little longer.

You're not alone. And you are loved.


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Scott said...

I LOVE the thought of sitting in church overlooking the front range, how spectacular!!

I am and will be praying for your daughter to find the help she needs, and moreover, to accept it....

God Bless, ym friend!

Gwen said...

I had to check and see how the morning meditation went. It sounds so wonderful. I can not wait to get to the place in my life when I don't have to take care of others so much (children) Now is my mothering time and I will try to embrace. Your quiet just sounds so beautiful.

I will keep your daughter in my heart and light a candle for her sobriety.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Meg Moran said...

I would love to go to a service at your church and share an hour with you of that amazing view and God's grace. I will hold your daughter up in my prayers....

Redhead Gal said...

I hope you have a less busy weekend, MC, and I will add your daughter to my prayers.

AAwoken said...

I pary your daughter gets it someday. Who knows...maybe today?

lash505 said...

you just awesome.