Monday, March 12, 2007

Alcoholics are like that...

I got an e-mail from someone spewing hatred for AA - because it is thinly disguised Christianity, descendent of the Oxford Groups and is therefore the national religion of the US. Sheeesh! Then I saw on Daave's blog a commenter saying that AA is satan and he has been brought out of the hell of AA and saved by Jesus Christ. Kind of Polar Opposites, but they both hate AA. For supposedly opposite reasons, but I bet the real reason is that they both tried AA and didn't like it - for whatever reason. Probably someone criticized them... Alcoholics are like that! Someone said something bad about me, I think I will write an Expose!!! And send e-mails to everyone!!! And clog up people's blogs with long boring comments!!!

Thanks to AA, I get to live a clean, respectable life in a beautiful little carefully tended house. I have two diplomas sitting above my desk here - from my degrees which were worked for and attained in my "mind-numbing" sobriety. I have problems in my life - who doesn't? But I don't have to obsess on them. I don't have to be in despair over anything. I can put one foot in front of the other and try to live my life to the fullest, and to the happiest, and to the greatest good.

It is Monday, I get to go back to work this morning. I have a meeting with my boss at 10:00. And other meetings throughout the day. Then I have my favorite AA meeting of the week at 5:30. It is good stuff... and the weather is glorious! I am trying to "go with the flow" of the time change, because I dislike it - I could decide to be unhappy for the next three weeks to a month, but why bother - so last night I took the run I would have normally had this morning.

"We find it a waste of time to keep chasing a man who cannot or will not work with you. If you leave such a person alone, he may soon become convinced that he cannot recover by himself. To spend too much time on any one situation is to deny some other alcoholic an opportunity to live and be happy." -- Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 96


dAAve said...

I did not delete that comment on my blog for a reason. It's a reminder of how I never want to be like. People like him supply me with an endless amount of gratitude.
Have a GREAT week!!

Tab said...

Happy Monday MC :)

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Sheeesh! I'm late!

I know how you must have felt. I got it too but the comment was on my other social network community. If it was posted on my Blog, I'm gonna do as dAAve did. I gonna leave it on, as a reminder.

Scott W said...

Patrick also left me no less than 20 comments with all his AA hate and as you put it, thinly disguised Christianity. On the Sobriety Society blog I had to turn on comment moderation. I removed all those comments. I considered leaving one, like Dave said, but just went ahead and removed them all. It is sad to me that someone can be claiming 21 years sober and be filled with such rage and resentment. Leaving such vitriolic spewing is the only power he has.

I, on the other, hand plan to have a great day.

lushgurl said...

BTW I am planning to tag you!I have a reason are (too) perfect and balanced and stuff, so this tag will help me to relate to you even more LOL. No I haven't posted MY tag yet, so you are off the hook, for now!

AAwoken said...

I had the guy from australia posting all over my site. I report him as spam and he reposts. God help him! I certainly pray for him.

TK said...

I can certainly identify with feeling that way. When I was in rehab, the first couple of weeks I was looking for any excuse to justify hating AA, the Big Book, the program, the meetings, and all that.

And there are lots of web sites that will help you hate AA if you want.

I used to complain to people in rehab that AA was a cult, and this was all brainwashing techniques.

And someone finally said "Yes, but maybe our brains DO need washing a little bit..." It made sense to me and I've never really turned back since.

Things are still hard today. I'm moving in with a friend until my apartment is ready. Details at , Thanks for your support and emails. They really help.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for AA!

I'll take AA and leave the rest.


Pam said...

It seems to me that when people are Angry with AA, it is because they BELIEVE that WE BELIEVE that there is no other road to sobriety BUT AA.
I think people get sober every day with out AA, and some of them have pretty decent sobriety.
But for me...this alcoholic, without AA, I would have Bitter Lonely sobriety....yuck....kind of like the guy ya'll are talking about.

Mary Christine said...

Actually, there are two guys. The one who wrote me an e-mail was named Michael. The other one is Patrick. It is sad to think of the hurt that goes along with that kind of vitriol. I have tried to begin a dialog with the guy who is writing me.

Sam said...

Michael (Micky) also hit me up with email. After the 3rd, I replied as such:

"Micky, I get that you want to protect my eternal soul. Thank you. Now please do not email me again.

Kind regards,

I've not heard from him since. Thankfully.

Shannon said...

I had him post too, and it kinda bothered me. I am glad you posted about it, whatever

I am grateful for AA and all of you

Lounge Daddy said...

I am a bit new to this stuff
But I was pretty shocked to listen to a relatively new AA member a few nights ago talk about how his own family mocks him for attending "too many of them AA meetings."


lash505 said...

Damn satan is amoung us.. I think it's our Irish friend. lol