Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Morning

I just got back from the 6:30 a.m. meeting. It was challenging to get there because it felt like 5:30 a.m. - I looked outside as we passed the basket at 7 a.m., and it was still dark!

My daughter has another serious infection. She visited the ER on Friday night. At first they didn't believe she is an IV drug user because she doesn't look like one. They finally believed her and told her she was the "best looking speed freak" they had ever seen. Now, THERE is a claim to fame. I just pray she can get into rehab soon.

After I dropped off my granddaughter yesterday afternoon, I ran 6.2 miles, came home and got cleaned up and spent the late afternoon/early evening at church. I am so grateful that I can do this today. I thought about the fact that I feel I belong there and what a miracle that is.

Thanks to the grace of a loving God, and the program and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I get to live a life today that is beyond my wildest dreams. I have peace in my heart and a deep happiness in my soul. I did not have a drink yesterday and I don't want one today. These are all miracles.

"What is this power that AA possesses? This curative power? I don't know what it is. I suppose the doctor might say, 'this is psychosomatic medicine.' I suppose the psychiatrist might say, 'this is benevolent interpersonal relations.' I suppose others would say, 'this is group psychotherapy.' To me it is God." -- Alcoholics Anonymous (3rd ed.) p.352


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Yes, once more I got to be first. Thank you for your info about time saving.

I'm sorry about your daughter. I hope she's alright and get into rehab soon and claim to fame as the best looking beautiful daughter of MC.

Syd said...

You are the miracle for sure. Hope that your daughter will be on stable emotional ground soon.

Scott W said...

I cannot conceive what it would be like to see my child suffer from this disease. I have prayers for all parents out there, that is one tough job you guys have.

recoveryroad said...

I hope yor daughter gets rehab if that's what she needs. I pray she finds some peace and a moment of clarity.

Thinking of you and yours.


Pam said...

Oh darlin, I often write about my daughter you know. I keep hugging and loving on the young women in our rooms....maybe someday, one of them will be your daughter. I will tell her there is a solution.

Scott said...

it's so wonderful to have place to go where we feel like we belong. For so long I felt like I belonged nowhere... I love that feeling, especially in my new faith. I never dreamed I would ever be going down the paths I tread today!

I pray that your daughter finds her way into revcovery, for God's Grace in her life, that she be ready to accept it. I also pray that you're able to maintain that peace and deep happiness, with all that's going on with your son and daughter.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

MC ,,, I know your program is vital to you accepting all those things you cannot change, especially for your daughter. I have had to watch my eldest son live his life like a car wreck in slow motion and it hurt like hell.
BUT..through it I found my inner strength to that acceptance I needed to embrace so I could let my son go and be on his path.Today he is living well.I wish you well and your daughter well too.
One thing I did learn from my experience is that my son always knew I loved him unconditionally.
I bet your daughter knows you love her too MC..that is all we Mom's can hope for!Peace to you my friend.Love Tab xo

TK said...

I'll keep your daughter in my prayers.

IN the mean time, I could use yours.

I am absolutely in crisis right now over my alcoholism.

My new blog is at

If anyone is willing to email me, I would love the support. Really.

lushgurl said...

Mary Christine you are such a wonderful role model to me and your daughter. I very much agree with Tab too, the unconditional love is so important to our children.
...and speaking of children...I have been calling mine Angel in my post...we both thank you for this!
HUGS and lots of love to you MC

Christine said...

your daughter and rehab---whats the holdup?

Like Pam I keep hugging and loving those young men who I see in the rooms of open AA meetings. I discovered that I couldn't help my son, some stranger would and I hope for that with my younger son today. I want to be encouraging to those young men who are in the rooms today--- and the young women too--

So happy you have peace and show me/us how to live life on lifes terms. You do it well, thanks for sharing it