Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another First!

The "J" fell off my Joy, and I am simply left with "OY!"

The first is that I have deleted a post.  I don't believe I have ever done that before.

I posted something about a sponsee last night.  I was and am a little bit frustrated with her.  Even though you don't know who she is, I really don't have a right to discuss her here.

I woke up feeling that way this morning.  But then I had a couple of comments and thought maybe it wasn't so bad to discuss the way we sponsor people.

However, some of you have decided she isn't "willing to go to any length," and some of you are worried she will get drunk because of the way she is being judged.  And the last comment just suggested she go to therapy.

None of this is fair to her.  She is a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous.  That's really all that matters.

I was one of those who did not get sober and then get perfect over night.  I wonder if anyone decided I was too big a pain in the ass to stay sober.  If they did, they were wrong.  It just didn't look too good on me.  Sobriety took a long time to sort of fit me right.

I apologize to the universe for saying anything less than kind about her.

We are all children of God and I believe he wants all of us alcoholics to get sober.  We all deserve every chance we can get.  And what a sin it would be to get in the way of someone's spiritual progress.

God help me to help where I can and get out of the way where I should.

And especially help me with my big mouth (which translates to happy fingers with the keyboard).


Syd said...

It's okay. I was just sharing what I do. We each have different ways and certainly different circumstances. Some people take a long time and others stop at step four. I am willing to not force anything on anyone.

Lou said...

I didn't like those comments. I'm glad you deleted it.

My boy is taking a long time to see it's him, not the rest of the world. I hope and wish for a sponsor that does not decide he is not willing enough.

dAAve said...


(I don't remember what I commented, but it's probably good that it's in cyberspace now.)

Annette said...

Love your humility MC. Bless you

Mary LA said...

I know those big mouth and happy fingers on the keyboard moments! Hoping you have a good week.

Grace-WorkinProgress said...

It did you a chance to practice step 10. The hardest for me.

Daisyanon said...

I saw the post MC but not the comments. I didn't give it too much thought at the time, but I think your second thoughts are right.

It's great to see how you work the programme and 'walk your talk'.

Many thanks for a good example.