Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day Before

I went to the grocery store this morning instead of working out.  I cannot deal with a grocery store crowded with people who do not know where anything is or how to park a buggy without blocking an aisle.  So, I went this morning and instead dealt with the early morning staff with their stocking boxes in the aisles - that is easier for me.

I am going to work - where it will take everything I have not to point out that one of my co-workers has blown off one of her responsibilities and gone on vacation.  I will sit in the meeting where she is on the agenda to present something and act surprised I guess when we all realize she isn't there and hasn't made provisions for this.  We are developing a very poor relationship, she has said some atrocious things to me in the last week.  This is where I must be very very careful - I know I am right.  God save me from being right.  Prayer, prayer, prayer.  That is my only hope.  Because left to my own devices, I would be doing something very different.

And then leaving at noon for a funeral.  I hope I can keep my emotions from boiling over.  I have identified already that I may react very badly to this loss.  He was a good man, we were friends at one time.  But I haven't talked to him for a long time.  And I could easily let this take me down the "I am old, all the old things are gone, and my best days are over" road.

Prayer, prayer, prayer.  That is my only hope.  Left to my own devices, I would be having a little bit of whisky in my coffee this morning to "fortify" me and make the day more "bearable."  HA!  The things we tell ourselves!

With God's help I will stay sober today, and hope you all do too.


Anonymous said...

Meeting, school then grocery store for the last few odds and ends. Saying a prayer for you today, Mary.

dAAve said...

Guess what?

This Too Shall Pass. I know you've learned that already.

Lou said...

Funerals are such a stark reminder how finite our time is. Note to self: make this day count.

Syd said...

Some of us are the unconscious walking. You are one of the conscious. I know that the day will be okay with God by your side.

shadow0301 said...

Smile at someone who seem downs, do something's for someone else, and remember Gods is always with you. You are in my prayers.