Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Tradition

 A look back at my pals - they're gaining on me!!!
My shoes and socks when I was done.

I am meeting my running club up in a little mountain town for a trail run this morning.  I will be walking.  But it is a good workout no matter what speed.  The photos are from last year.  This is only my second year doing this, but already it feels like a tradition I wouldn't want to miss.  I have been looking forward to this for a month!  

It really doesn't take long to make new traditions.  If we are alcoholic, we NEED new traditions if we are to stay sober.  Maybe when we were drinking, it worked to go to drunken Uncle Charlie's (with the booze flowing so freely) for our Thanksgiving or Christmas, but probably it isn't going to work if we want to stay sober.  

I spent many holidays sitting in the AA clubhouse when I was new in sobriety.  It sounds pitiful, but I came to love those holidays much more than I ever loved all the drunken celebrations before I got sober.  You could pretty much trust people there to be the same all day - no major mood changes, no sudden rages, or souring of mood with the attendant sarcasm and cruelty.  No airing of old grievances. (sorry to the fans of Festivus!)  Just people in the same lifeboat, learning to love a new life.  It was good.

I love traditions, but they don't have to be old to be good.  I say it's never too late to get wonderful cherished traditions.

Thanking God today for this sober life.  It's a wonderful life.


Pammie said...

I loved the club houses during holidays in early sobriety as well. It seemed everyone was glad to have me there and I had not experienced a welcome feeling in so long. The trail looks like fun. I still love your bamboo floors!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I found your blog one time when I googled alcoholic--women --blogs.
To say I was touched by your entries sounds kind of sappy. But I was, and I felt connected to you somehow. I am 53. My life has gone so far straighter, along the "normal" lines than yours has/did. However, I drink too much, and for that reason I was searching for something, answers, solutions, support. I am glad to see someone who has found the right way and survives the daily battles while seeing the beauty, positive, and good that coems with surviving those battles. My mother's name is Mary, as is my sister's. Perhaps the connection came from that.

Lou said...

My name is Mary too. Don't think I ever told you that.

Syd said...

Having new traditions is a good idea. I am glad that we are finding new ways to enjoy the holidays too.

Mary LA said...

Such a good idea to get outdoors!
Like you, I believe in changing what doesn't work -- that is why I invite newly sober women over for Christmas Day because it reminds me where I come from, what it felt like to be newly sober, and it is a safe place for them where they can see people having a calm and enjoyable day. No wild expectations or bitter recriminations. New traditions are vital in staying sober.

Lou is also a Mary?

Local SEO Crusher said...

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