Sunday, November 13, 2011


I woke up this morning at 3:30 - even though I went to bed late last night and wanted to sleep late.  I decided to just go with it and I went to the pool for a half a mile of laps.  I was the only one in the pool at 5 a.m., but by 5:30, all lanes were full.  I realized the man in the lane next to me was someone I know from work!  How horrifying to be virtually naked in front of someone I know from work!

I got to a meeting and the sponsee I have been writing about a lot lately came and sat next to me.  We talked for an hour after the meeting.  It is hard to talk with someone who frequently calls people names, using terrible language.  I have "suggested" that this is not helpful to her or anyone else, but apparently that is not something that she has "internalized" yet.

Last week at church the priest said "the only thing we take from this world is our good deeds."  That has stuck with me.  I hope I have a whole trainful of them by the time I go.   But that is not in my nature.  It is work, greatly aided by the grace of God.

I came home from the meeting and made the above breakfast - and ate it!  I am going to now go lay on the couch and watch pre-football game shows, followed by football games.  Oh, how I love this routine in the autumn.

Last night we saw the movie "Tower Heist," which I would highly recommend if you are looking for a silly funny movie.  If you are looking for an award winning "film," I would skip it.  I really enjoyed it and so did my b.f.  We laughed - and he laughed at me as I hid my eyes behind his shoulder during the "scary" parts.

It's good to be sober.  And alive.  And not in too much pain.  Thank you God.


dAAve said...

First, I'm glad the pain has lessened.

Second, you might want to consider the use of a bathing suit.

Third, I strongly dislike eating mushrooms.

Sober Julie said...

Blessings, you can make brekkie for me anytime

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

On swimming: We have a warm pool very close by and I have decided that my body looks way better if I pull on a pair of stirrup pants and then bathing suit atop the leggings. Not a word was said to me about the outfit; I felt comfortable enough to get in and out of the pool without embarrassment or worry about not “bikini waxing” or shaving my legs. I don’t know what made me think of it but it is for sure my solution to the bathing suit issue.

Annette said...

Well he was half naked too. Sights seen at the pool stay at the pool....or something like that.

I have a sponsee I struggle with too....I grow a lot from being her sponsor.

Glad you are having a restful day!

Syd said...

You sound good. Looks like a good breakfast. And I agree with Dave--you don't have to swim naked. Maybe one of those cute dresses like you have for running would work in the pool.

Mary LA said...

I hope the pain goes away. So sweet to think of you hiding behind the boyfriend's shoulder in the scary bits!

Lou said...

After the comments, I'm picturing a bunch of adults (including Mary) doing naked laps..

LOL..we are a funny bunch. I needed this laugh today.

Pammie said...

catching up!
glad your pain level is down.
I agree with Dave about the suit.